THE Microphone / Preamp Demo Room is Now OPEN!

  Ever wanted to try a Telefunken U47? How about a Neumann M149 Tube? What about getting to A/B both of them through 48 of the industry’s top preamps and channel ctrips, as well as tons of 500 Series modules?? Well, you can rest easy now. Chuck Levin’s Washington Music Center has taken care of …Read More

Ed Scott: Powell Flute Certified Repair Technician

Ed Scott recently took a trip up to Powell Flutes for his repair technician re-certification. Here is a little write up the nice people wrote about Ed and his training: “Repair Technician Ed Scott began working at Chuck Levin’s Washington Music center in April 1988, repairing flutes, saxophones, and bassoons.  He was formally trained in …Read More

Anatomy of a Snare Drum Part 4: The Hoops

     The Hoops   Drum hoops, in their most basic function serve as the means of securing and tensioning the head across the bearing edge of the drum.  The properties of the hoop will alter the tone and the feel of the drum especially when hitting a rimshot or a cross stick.  As previously …Read More

Review: Adam F7 Nearfield Studio Monitors

In 2009, ADAM introduced the brand new X-ART technology, a refined version of ART to improve what many considered to be the benchmark in tweeter technology. In 2010 and 2011, ADAM brought to market the lower price AX series of monitors, including the A7X, successor to the A7, bringing the acclaimed ADAM sound to more …Read More

Anatomy of a Snare Drum Part 3: The Wires and Bed

Part III: The Wires and the Bed        It is hard to distinguish which is more important to the sound of your drum, the snare wires or the snare bed.  Of course the wires provide the material for “the snare sound,” but without the snare bed they wouldn’t function properly.  They work (hopefully) in …Read More

Anatomy of a Snare Drum Part 2: The Bottom Head

The Bottom Head        When is the last time you changed the bottom heads on your drums? Be honest, it’s probably been a while. You might be thinking “Well, I don’t hit the bottom side, so how much wear does it really get?” You are not alone. In reality, every hit of a drum …Read More

Anatomy of a Snare Drum Part 1

    The Snare Drum is arguably the most important drum in a set.  In addition to holding a personal connection to, the snare drum exemplifies and accentuates the characteristics of the individual drummer.  Snare drums can be tight or loose, wet or dry, loud or soft high or low, etc.  What follows is an …Read More

Sonor Perfect Balance Pedal Review

Reviewed By:  Matt Lipstein, Drums and Percussion        Let me start by first saying that this pedal is definitely not for everyone.  If you like the acceleration provided by an offset cam such as Tama’s Iron Cobra or the dizzying amount of adjustments of Pearl’s Eliminator Chain Drive this pedal is not for you.  …Read More

iOS and Music!

     With the speed at which tablets, smartphones, touch computers, and other mobile devices are improving, so are their uses in the music world! iPads make incredible effects processors when used in conjunction with Digitech’s powerhouse iPB-10 paired with Digitech’s Nexus App (which is free). Use the new Auria Digital Audio Workstation Software with the …Read More

Chuck’s Premier Mic Room is in Development!

We are always trying to give you better ways to test your gear so that you know you are buying the right piece for your rig, the first time around. For the past few months we’ve been quietly working to build our newest live demo area, the Microphone Room! We’ll have mics ranging in price …Read More