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      All the gear you find here helps protect your instrument, enhance your creativity, refine your technique or make you a more polished player no matter what instrument you play. From cases to strings to mouthpieces and tuners to cables, effect pedals, and digital recorders, we have all the little things to make you sound like the NEXT BIG THING!

     We carry top industry and boutique brands:

• Guitar pedals and strings, including: Roland/ Boss, Korg, D’Addario, Ernie Ball, Earthquaker Devices,

   EHX, Barber and Keeley.

• Brass and woodwind accessories, including: Selmer/ Bach, Schilke, Jody Jazz, Rico and Vandoren.

• Audio and recording devices, including Zoom, Olympus, Marantz, and Tascam.

      Our inventory is the largest of any music store in the world. It includes:

• Guitar amps, speakers, effect pedals, tuners and electric and acoustic strings

• Brass mouthpieces, woodwind mouthpieces and a full range of reeds, including hard-to-find

   Rico Jazz Select  and Vandoren 56 Rue Lepic

• Hand-held video and audio recorders and multi-track and portable recorders

• Computer and tablet accessories, including stands, microphones, mixers and instrument interfaces.

Our inventory extends beyond our website: if you don’t see what you’re looking for online, contact us!

     We’re Mark, Sean, Jesse and Mitch. Together we have over sixty years of experience. Go ahead and ask us! We’re listening.