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Looking to set up a new sound system?

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     In Chuck’s Prosound Department, our sales team has over 80 years of accumulated experience. Our experts are real-life engineers who have helped design sound for garage bands, touring stadium systems, and everything in between. Let us help us shape the way your sound is conveyed to your audience.

      Our top brands: Adam, Allen & Heath, DB Technologies, Focal, E.V., Peavey, DBX, Midas, JBL, KRK, Line 6, Mackie, QSC, RCF, Yorkville.

      We carry the world’s largest selection of analog mixers, powered speakers, passive speakers, line arrays, portablesystems, power amps and digital mixers.

      We are Nate, Jerry, Randy, Carl and Anoosh. We know live sound, installation, sound-system design, microphones, and broadcast systems. Whatever your situation, we’ve been there. Put our expertise to work for you. Submit a Get A Quote or Ask An Expert form or give us a call! Submit a Get A Quote or Ask An Expert form or give us a call to discuss your options!