We are studio guys: everyone in the department has his own studio outside the store. We put this first-hand knowledge to work every day, helping aspiring producers to the top professionals in the industry. We’ve seen every type of problem out there, gotten our hands on thousands of products and are continuously training on the latest tools and techniques. Let us help guide you to the best studio set-up for you!

     Our top brands: Apogee, Avid, Adam, Focal, Focusrite, KRK, Motu, Presonus, RME, SSL, Steinberg, Yamaha and Manley.

     We stock a huge selection of recording/studio equipment and accessories including acoustic treatment, headphones, interfaces, microphones, processing, software (Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) software, plug-ins, VSTs), and studio monitors. Our warehouses are full; if you don’t see it online, contact us.

     We’re Ed, Phil, Kit and Calin. If you need help selecting the right pre for your mic, the right monitors for your room, the right software for your style, or just figuring out what all these things are…ask us anything! Submit a Get A Quote or Ask An Expert form or give us a call to discuss your options!