Tony Scodwell is one of the top trumpet players and designers in the music industry.

He has performed with the greats in entertainment worldwide and since 1988 has hand crafted  instruments currently in use by the most respected players in both the commercial and symphonic world. Each Scodwell USA trumpet and flugelhorn is carefully handcrafted and individually tested for perfection by Mr. Scodwell, not releasing them for sale until his high standards have been achieved.
















The Scodwell USA standard model is commonly referred to as the “Las Vegas” model by nature of the tremendous projection and brilliant sound quality. Selective placement of the braces along with an annealing process to the bell maximizes the sound production that gives the player more results for the effort expended. In the commercial field players are not always in a playing environment that is an acoustically comfortable situation and this trumpet allows the player to better hear what is coming out of the bell and at the same time gauge how much energy they are expending. Offered in a raw brass finish. lacquer, brush lacquer and silver or gold plating is optional. 

  • .460 bore
  • 4   3/4” yellow brass 23 gauge bell
  • Monel pistons
  • Special annealing process on bell
  • Selective brace placing 




The “Boston” model Scodwell USA was conceived after extensive play testing in the movie and recording studios of Los Angeles by the top players. Although feedback was quite positive pertaining to response, intonation and quality, it was decided to offer a new model with a  “rounder” sound in the lower and middle ranges where most of these players  make the majority of their income. This was achieved by the combination of an unannealed rose brass bell along with a sterling silver leadpipe. Additionally, “harmonic balancers” were fitted to the first and third slide crooks along with newly designed bottom valve caps with more mass. All in balance, the combination achieved the desired goal and should please players in both the symphonic and studio situations that have looked for these qualities in their trumpets over the years. Standard finish is clear lacquer. 

  • .460 bore
  • 4  3/4” rose brass 23 gauge bell
  • Sterling silver leadpipe
  • Monel pistons
  • Specially designed bottom valve caps
  • Harmonic balancers fitted to first and third crooks




The Scodwell USA “Gabrieli” model has some new innovations that compliment the fine playing qualities of the standard  model with added design details for the discerning player. Standard in silver-plate with striking gold wash trim, newly designed finger buttons with black delrin inlays plus  bottom valve caps fitted with harmonically balanced alloy rings fitted for added density to the overall tonal quality give this model a stunning  look and sound. A special “S” medallion brace fitted to the tuning slide receivers completes the overall design. As on all Scodwell USA trumpets, selective brace placing by extensive play testing and the unique annealing process for the yellow brass bell gives this trumpet the ease of playing and wonderful projection the Scodwell USA instruments are noted for. 

  • .460 bore
  • 4  3/4” yellow brass 23 gauge bell  
  • Monel pistons
  • Harmonically balanced bottom valve caps
  • Black inlay Delrin finger buttons
  • Special “S” medallion brace




The Scodwell USA “Diz” model was made in tribute to the great jazz trumpeter, Dizzy Gillespie. The innovative detachable bell with special screw fitting facilitates storing the instrument in a single trumpet case. Offered in raw brass finish with optional clear lacquer, silver or gold plating. 

  • .460 bore
  • 4  3/4” yellow brass 23 gauge bell [detachable]  
  • Monel pistons




The Scodwell USA “Balanced” model was inspired by the trumpets played by Louis Armstrong and Harry James. The longer bell tail and modified tuning slide assembly give this instrument a more openness to the slotting while retaining the projection and focus of the brilliant sound quality. Offered in raw brass finish with optional clear lacquer, silver or gold plating. 

  • .460 bore
  • 4  3/4” yellow brass 23 gauge bell
  • Monel pistons




The Scodwell USA piccolo trumpet is made to play in the upper register with a full clear sound and impeccable intonation. Fitted with both B flat and an a leadpipe, the mouthpiece receiver accepts a cornet shank. The feeling here is the cornet shank gives better overall balance to the sound and improves intonation. A third slide trigger is fitted. Silver plate finish with gold wash trim is standard and raw brass or lacquer is optional.






Scodwell USA proudly announces the release of the 25th Anniversary Model Trumpet to commemorate 25 years of excellence in the production of the Scodwell USA line of Trumpets and Flugelhorns:


  • .460 bore
  • Specially annealed 23 gauge bell
  • Sterling Silver leadpipe with venturi unique to this model
  • Selectively placed braces with extensive play testing
  • Unique top caps and valve buttons
  • Custom hand engraving
  • Silver plated

This 25th Anniversary model Scodwell USA will be made in a series of four and offered exclusively through Washington Music Center. Please call for more information and current availability




(shown with copper bell)

The Scodwell USA flugelhorns are recognized by the finest players for being the most in-tune and responsive flugelhorns being made today. Inspired by the best of the earlier French flugelhorns , the innovative lower tuning branch gives flawless intonation along with the deep, dark sounds of the very best but with wonderful clarity to the sound. Added tuning capabilities at the leadpipe give the player maximum adjustability regardless of the mouthpiece being used. The optional copper bell and tuning branch model is offered in addition to the yellow brass bell and branch model. both models are finished in clear or brush lacquer. 

  • .415 bore
  • 6” yellow brass bell
  • 6” copper bell optional
  • both bells one piece 25 gauge
  • bottom sprung Monel pistons
  • third slide trigger standard



Kenny Rampton on Scodwell: “I’ve been playing Tony Scodwell’s Trumpets since the early ‘90’s. I need an instrument that I can take in any direction…from jazz, to commercial, to playing lead, to classical. Tony’s horns are the most versatile I’ve ever played. The response, center, pitch, depth of tone and consistency of sound through all registers are unmatched by any other trumpet I’ve owned. I guess that’s what happens when the guy making your Trumpet is an incredible player who tests each horn himself before it leaves his shop!”

Kenny Rampton


Bobby Burns on Scodwell: “I’m the trumpet player for Earth Wind & Fire. As most of you know, its a pretty tough and demanding gig. I need a horn that has a full, beautiful sound and responds quick, plays evenly throughout all registers, especially in the upper register. The Scodwell Trumpet delivers all this and much more. Whether you are a pro or serious student, this trumpet  is a must-have trumpet.”

Bobby Burns Jr, Trumpet Player – Earth, Wind and Fire

Check Out Bobby and his Scodwell horn in action!:

Some more Scodwell horns doing what they do best:

Left to right: Wes Marshall, Tom DeLibero, Lee Walkowich, Rocky Lombardo