THE Microphone / Preamp Demo Room is Now OPEN!



Ever wanted to try a Telefunken U47? How about a Neumann M149 Tube? What about getting to A/B both of them through 48 of the industry’s top preamps and channel ctrips, as well as tons of 500 Series modules??

Well, you can rest easy now. Chuck Levin’s Washington Music Center has taken care of this for you. You won’t have to spend $10,000 on a microphone just because you read online that it was the best mic out there anymore.

Why not give it a try first? Novel idea.

How about trying it  against its main competitors? Now we’re really talking. Make a decision based on sound, with your own ears, and not a price tag and web review.

Full bios of all the lovely residents of THE Mic Room are coming soon, but for now, here’s the list:

Telefunken CU-29     Telefunken AR-51     Telefunken AK-47 MkII     Telefunken C12     Telefunken U47     Telefunken AR-70     Telefunken M80     Telefunken M260     Neumann TLM67     Neumann M147 Tube     Neumann U87     Neumann M149 Tube     Neumann TLM49     Neumann TLM103     Neumann TLM102     Neumann BCM104     Miktek CV4 Tube     Miktek C7     Audio-Technica AT4047/SV     Audio-Technica AT4033     Audio-Technica AT4080     Audio-Technica AT4081     Audio-Technica AT4060     AKG C414 XLS     AKGC414XLII     Lewitt LCT640     Lewitt LCT940     sE Electronics Gemini II     Shure KSM44A     Shure SM7B     ElectroVoice RE20     Royer R-101     Royer R-121

and of course… the Shure SM58… just for comparison.


You wanted to know about the Pres too? Here we go:

True Systems P2     Avalon VT737SP     API 3124+     Focusrite Liquid Channel     ADK AP-2     Summit 2BA-221     Manley Slam!     Manley TNT     Manley Mono Pre     Empirical Labs DocDerr     Grace m201     Golden Age Pre73     Golden Age PreQ73     Presonus ADL700     Presonus Eureka     Presonus Studio Channel

How about the 500 Series?

Rupert Neve 511     Millenia HV-35     Aphex Dual RPA Pre     Aphex J Pre     Aphex A Pre     Daking Mic Pre500     Chandler Little Devil Pre     Chameleon Labs 581     A-Designs P-1     Wunder Cobalt Pre     Radial PowerTube     Great River MP500-NV     Burl B1     Purple Pants     Purple Biz     Avedis MA5     A-Design EMPQ     Aphex EQF 500     Aphex EX BB500     Aphex Comp500     API 525     API 527     API 512C     Bettermaker EQ502P     Kush Electra500     Warm WA-12500     Golden Age Pre573     Empirical Labs EL-DS     Empirical Labs DocDerr    

… and more on the way!    

Come by now and try out the Telefunken Elektroakustik to enter the #TFUNKatChucks Studio Mic Giveaway! Check out the details here: