Chuck's Legendary Sales Team

Name   Calin Enache

Department   Keyboards, Recording & Studio

Instruments   Keyboard, Guitar

Location   Chuck Levin's Washington Music Center

Musical Interests

I love electronic music of all kinds – from down tempo to house and techno to dubstep and electro to hip hop. My music is always very electronic sounding but always has soul. There’s too much music without soul nowadays.


I have been obsessed with music since I was three years old. I would spend all my free time listening to music. In high school I started playing guitar. I then became very interested in guitar effects and pedals which is what started my interest in sound itself. In 2007, I purchased a Mac and Logic Pro and started teaching myself how to record and produce music. It immediately became my obsession and I decided to dedicate my life to it. Piece by piece I slowly built a studio. I opened my studio to the public a couple years ago. I have since then worked with over a hundred clients from the DC area and around the world. I do the recording, mixing, mastering and production work for these clients. Some of these clients include the world famous Saeed Younan, Paolo Mojo, and Zenbi. I am also certified in Logic by Apple and teach lessons in Logic and recording techniques at my studio.

History With Chucks

I have been coming to Chuck’s since I first started building my studio. I got amazing deals on everything from my Apogee converters to my Mini-moog. I liked coming to Chuck’s because they always had better prices than other music store chains, and all the salespeople were actually knowledgeable musicians not just salesmen. I love being/working around musicians and gear and I love to help people with their studios.