Chuck's Legendary Sales Team

Name   Kit Benz

Department   Keyboards, Recording & Studio

Instruments   Piano, guitar, bass, drums

Location   Keyboard Department

Musical Interests

Frequently found listening to Prince, P-Funk and The Doors. I like to keep my options open musically. “If it’s good, I’ll listen, no matter what the genre.”


As soon as I could read, my parents put me in piano lessons. I continued classical training throughout high school, where I picked up guitar and in college where I began studying production. I made my name playing guitar and producing for the funk group, “The Fielding Mellish”. I was pro tools certified right here at Chuck’s in May 2012.

History With Chucks

I began at Chuck’s in June 2012. Life was simple before then. I had sparkles in my eyes and dreamed of stardom. That is, until they threw me in Keyboards. Now I spend my days surrounded by music. It’s wonderful! I help train and give pointers to customers. I’m always nice and give great prices. I could have been the President! Instead I’m here in Keyboards, being the best employee I can be.