Chuck's Legendary Sales Team

Name   Matt Lipstein

Department   Drums and Percussion

Instruments   Drums

Location   Drum Counter

Musical Interests

I can best describe my musical interests as a group of eclectic contradictions.  See below:
Favorite Band: Tool
Favorite Drummers: Danny Carey and Stanton Moore
Biggest Drumming Influences: John Bonham, Billy Martin
Favorite Styles of Music to Play: Rock, Funk, Blues
Of the tens of thousands of songs in my collection you will often hear odd juxtapositions of songs.  For instance, if i leave my iPod on shuffle, you are just as likely to hear Led Zeppelin followed by Roy Haynes as you are to hear Nine Inch Nails next to Cake.


I've been a drummer since before I knew what drums were.  I can remember banging out rhythms in the car while listening to my dad's classic rock tapes on the way to school in the morning.  I got my first drum set towards the end of middle school and I've been hooked ever since.  I've played in original and cover bands and enjoy both the studio and the live playing experiences.  I like big cymbals (no crashes thank you!) and constantly try to incorporate more and bigger ride cymbals into my setup.  Those who know me know I like collecting things.  I love knives, watches, cars, tech and music with equal passion.  I am devastatingly blunt in my delivery and I don't pull punches.

History With Chucks

I was fortunate enough to start my first summer job at 15 working rental repair for the drum department at Chuck Levin's in the summer of 1999.  After overhauling thousands of rental snare and bell kits I came back to work stock in the drum basement during the school year.  I continued to work summers and part time through high school and during summers in college.  I split my time between Chuck's and Apple Inc. after college before leaving the fold for several years to explore the tech field.  I came back in December of 2009 and have worked upstairs at the Drum Counter selling since then.