Chuck's Legendary Sales Team

Name   Stephen Parsons

Department   Guitars and Amps

Instruments   Guitar, bass

Location   Chuck Levin's Washington Music Center

Musical Interests

I like rock n roll - anything from punk rock to classic rock as long as it has loud guitars. Some of my favorite bands include Against Me!, Black Keys and Rolling Stones.


I grew up in Miami, Fl and moved to NWDC to go to AU and study Audio Technology. I play in a bunch of punk bands around the DC and MD area, including Boardroom Heroes ( I enjoy going to shows and pondering the mysteries of the universe. In my free time I try to record bands and chase girls out of my league.

History With Chucks

I began working at Chuck Levin's in June of 2012 in the guitar department, joining a seasoned crew of sales veterans. I've been playing guitar since I was 16 and consider myself a gear head, come pick my brain.