Chuck's Legendary Sales Team

Name   Tod Eliot

Department   Guitars

Instruments   Guitar

Location   Chuck Levin's Washington Music Center

Musical Interests

A few of my favorite artists are Paul Gilbert, Jeff Beck and Johnny Winter


I have played in working bands from the age of 14. After receiving a B.A. in Political Theory, I took courses in studio engineering and went to work with Veneman Music in Maryland, becoming their #1 ranked salesman in just 5 years. I helped musicians with everything from band instruments to PA systems, keyboards to percussion and of course, guitars and amplifiers, while continuing to play local nightclubs. I left Veneman's and spent the next 4 years performing in full time bands, headlining rock clubs from New England to Florida, Ohio to Canada, and have also been fortunate to share the stage with artists as diverse as Rick Derringer, David Johansen (of the New York Dolls), the Thompson Twins and the Edgar Winter Group.

History With Chucks

Chuck (Mr. Levin) asked me to join WMC in 1983. I put my ongoing studio and live expertise to work in my role as guitar manager and buyer. In cohort with my guitar department team, we continue to choose, develop and host many of the major name Brands and models you love today!