Zildjian A Custom Medium Crash Cymbal

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Get An Energetic And Full-Bodied Crash With The Zildjian A Custom Medium Crash Cymbal

The heaviest weight of all the A Custom Crashes, the Medium Crashes have a sharp, cutting attack with a high pitched cymbal sound, yet shimmer with brilliance and musicality.

Recognized by their striking brilliant finish, A Custom cymbals feature unique tonal grooves and lower profiles. Together, these attributes produce a smoother, glassier and brighter sounding cymbal with more give when struck. It is these qualities that have made the sound of A Customs particularly sought after in the studio.

  • Brilliant Finish
  • Bright/Mid Sound
  • Long Sustain
  • Loud Volume
  • Medium Weight

Manufacturer: The Avedis Zildjian Company
Warranty: See manufacturer website for details
Listing ID: NA53511