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65 Amps SoHo 20W 1 x 12" Guitar Combo Amplifier - USED - Mint, Open Box

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Get The Most Responsive And Expressive Guitar Amp With The“é’á65 Amps SoHo 20W 1 x 12" Guitar Combo Amplifier - USED

The 65-SoHo is completely hand-wired with the highest quality and select choice transformers, components and speakers. The 65-SoHo utilizes the EF86 tube on the input then feeds into a 12AX7/ECC83 driven tone stage with BASS and TREBLE tone controls. There is a MASTER VOLUME that can be switched on or off, giving the choice of a complete "non-master" type circuit or more output and gain control when engaged, from full stage volume to practice levels.

The BUMP controls serve as a mid-range/gain boost offering a completely different pallet of tones. It can also function as a foot-switchable lead boost. The BUMP function operates both with the MASTER VOLUME on or off. The SoHo offers crystalline clear jangle (BUMP OFF) to screaming fat midrange (BUMP ON) to high-gain preamp distortion scooped crunch with the master volume engaged (and BUMP OFF).

  • HI & LO INPUT - For powerful clean tones, try the LO input and turn up VOLUME to "5 to 8" with the BUMP off. Great chime with single coil pickups.
  • VOLUME - Main input volume. With MASTER VOLUME disengaged, this control sets the amps overall volume and gain, non-master style.
  • TREBLE & BASS - The tone stage. Higher levels of bass and treble and lower volume will give serious jangle tones. As you increase the volume, you can decrease the bass and treble levels to bring in more midrange and overdrive. These controls decrease in effect when the BUMP circuit is engaged.
  • BUMP ON/OFF SWITCH - Engages and disengages BUMP circuit. This function is foot-switchable with footswtich jack on rear panel.
  • BUMP TONE - Allows additional tone shaping of the BUMP circuit and increases or decreases the level of treble.
  • BUMP LEVEL - A 6-way rotary switch that allows for different levels of BUMP tone. Set at "1", BUMP function adds mid-range and gain. As the BUMP increases from "2 - 6", the BUMP level is increased. As you increase the level up to "6" there is a significant level of midrange gain boost.
  • MASTER VOLUME - This control can serve in different ways. If you wish to use it to decrease your volume to a comfortable level, dial up your sound first, then engage the MASTER VOLUME with the ON/OFF switch and set to desired output level. You may need to adjust the tone controls slightly, increasing treble to compensate for the MASTER VOLUME and significantly lower output levels. If using the MASTER for high-gain preamp distortion, engage MASTER VOLUME and set to lower levels (around 2-3 to start). Turn up input VOLUME to a higher setting (8-10). Adjust tone controls. For more fat midrange introduce the BUMP control.
  • MASTER ON/MASTER OFF - Engages or disengages the MASTER VOLUME circuit. In the OFF position, the MV is entirely out of the circuit and amp is purely "non-master".
  • ON/STANDBY - Switches the amp from “óË鼕ôSTANDBY“óËé¼’¥ to functioning “óË鼕ôON“óËé¼’¥. Best to turn the AC power switch to ON first and wait about 30 seconds before turning STANDBY to ON. This will prolong tube life. When turning the amp off, switch AC power OFF first. This allows the power to drain out of the amp circuit.
  • INDICATOR - Indicates amp power status. If this light does not come on when switching on the amp, double-check your AC power source or check to see if the MAINS FUSE is blown.
  • CAUTION: UNPLUG AMPLIFIEIR FROM AC POWER BEFORE CHECKING FUSE!! If fuse is blown, this indicates either a problem with your AC source or with the amplifier.
  • POWER - The AC power On/Off switch

  • BUMP FTSW - This is a mono jack that activates the BUMP circuit.
  • IMPEDANCE - All 65 212-Combos and Extension Cabinets are wired for 16-ohms (two 8-ohm speakers in series/2x12 or 1 - 16-ohm speaker/1x12). If using two 16-ohm cabinets, set IMPEDANCE to 8-ohms. Always be sure to match the impedance of this amplifier with the impedance of the speaker cabinet you are using. The SoHo is switchable between 8 and 16 ohms.
  • SPEAKER OUTPUTS - Two speaker outputs in parallel.
  • H.T. (High Tension) FUSE - (500mA Slo-Blo) This fuse is in line with the DC voltage in the amp. When the H.T. FUSE blows, it is typically a sign of a bad power tube.
  • A.C. FUSE - (2A/250V Slo Blo) This fuse is connected to the AC primary side of the Power Transformer.


  • Pre-amp tubes: EF86-12AX7 (ECC83) - 12AX7 (ECC83)
  • Power tubes: EL84 - EL84
  • Rectifier: EZ81

Manufacturer: 65 Amps
Model: SOHO112G12H30
Warranty: See manufacturer website for details
SKU: I184788-GA4-1
UPC: I184788