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Allen & Heath ZED-R-16 Firewire Recording Mixer

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About the Allen & Heath ZED-R-16

The digital audio connections are all present on the rear of the desk. Two FireWire connectors allow the Allen & Heath ZED-R16 to be connected to a personal computer whilst the second socket daisy chains devices. Two switches change the sample rate and routing selection, while 4 connectors allow input and output to ADAT equipment.


In addition to the Firewire input and output, the Allen & Heath ZED-R16 has 4 ADAT optical sockets. The I/O routing on the Allen & Heath ZED-R16 is identical for the Firewire channels and the ADAT optical connection. With a combination of panel switches, the Allen & Heath mixer is capable of an incredible 26 simultaneous inputs and outputs. Feed the Allen & Heath ZED-R16 from ADAT light pipe equipment, or record directly out from 16 channels to 2 ADAT machines, or to another sound card.

MIDI software control

The MIDI section on the Allen & Heath ZED-R16 has been designed to control software transport, with extra mappable controllers ready to be user-assigned. With recording now truly in the digital age, Allen & Heath ZED-R16 brings the home studio bang up to date. In addition to the Allen & Heath ZED-R16’s dedicated MIDI controls, all of the channel faders can be switched to become MIDI controllers.

Monitor section

The Allen & Heath ZED-R has two signal paths for monitoring: an output for main control room monitors and outputs for an alternative set of monitors for checking mixes. The control room mix can follow either of the two main analogue outputs or the digital main mix, allowing access to all main audio outputs.


The Allen & Heath ZED-R16 has been designed using individual vertically mounted circuit boards with each rotary control fixed with a metal nut to the front panel - making a much more robust product that will resist damage and give years of reliable use. Allen & Heath ZED-R16 also has professional 60mm faders for ultimate control over your levels.


  • Powered by SONAR X1
  • 32 audio tracks
  • 64 MIDI tracks
  • 8 simultaneous inputs and outputs
  • 24-bit/96 kHz audio quality
  • 24 simultaneous effects
  • 8 simultaneous virtual instruments
  • Dedicated internal condenser talkback mic
  • Dual function audio/MIDI faders
  • Built in sequencer transport
  • Internal soundcard
  • 18 FireWire inputs
  • 18 Outputs
  • 16 ADAT I/O
  • Bundled SONAR LE software
  • Fully parametric mids, and high and low shelving EQ
  • Two pre and two post aux buses
  • MIDI software control

Manufacturer: Allen & Heath
Model: ZED-R16
Warranty: See manufacturer website for details
SKU: I227607-N-0-B
UPC: 6938122232501