Edwards T396-A Alessi Model Tenor Trombone

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Get A Trombone Fit For Any Setting - The Edwards T396-A Alessi Model Tenor Trombone

A lot of timbre comes with having an instrument that is tonally flexible without becoming unstable in different registers. Edwards feels that they achieved their goals due to the fact that the T396-A is the first "acoustically-tunable" fixed instrument. They are excited to make an instrument available that is as unique as each and every one of our customers.


Once again Edwards exhausted all possibilities when coming to a consensus on a slide. Mr. Alessi played on several end crooks searching for the one that not only balanced the instrument, but also gave him the correct amount of feedback.

Edwards places a lot of emphasis on feedback. It's important that a player has the proper amount in order to assess an instrument. Edwards doesn't subscribe to, "It's there, trust me." That just takes away from a musician's ability to make his/her own musical decisions.

It's no secret that minor changes in the leadpipe and mouthpiece can have a major impact on playing. Mr. Alessi worked through myriad options before picking a sterling silver custom leadpipe with numerous proprietary elements. The leadpipe will be fixed into the slide.

The final result includes a slide with nickel oversleeves, specially-treated rose brass outer tubes, a yellow brass end crook and Mr. Alessi's Signature Silver Leadpipe.

After years of development -- and countless flights from Wisconsin to New York -- Edwards are extremely proud of the Alessi Model T396-A. They are indebted to Mr. Alessi for taking the time to help us make the next great Edwards Trombone. Breathe into this horn and it will come to life.


The Alessi bell is the result of Mr. Alessi trying countless combinations of mandrels, gauges and materials. The payoff is a bell that not only sounds wonderful in the New York Philharmonic, but also allows Mr. Alessi to play solo recitals at the levels he demands.


The tuning slide has a single radius and is rose brass. It is designed with unique trim points and construction materials to strike the perfect balance between sound and feel.


  • Valve: Open Wrap Rotax Valve
  • Bell Size: 8.5"
  • Finish: Lacquer
  • Bore Size: .547" (13.89mm)
  • Leadpipes: Custom Alessi Sterling Silver
  • Horn Only
  • Open Wrap Rotax Valve
  • Patented Harmonic Bracing

Manufacturer: Edwards
Model: T396-A
Warranty: See manufacturer website for details
SKU: I246600-N-3