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FXpansion Geist2 Upgrade From Geist - Digital Delivery

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Get Next-Level Control Over Your Drum Sounds With The FXpansion Geist - Digital Delivery

Sample, slice, sequence, mix, arrange, effect, resample. Geist is FXpansion's next-generation sampling drum machine, designed to create evolved, custom beats and grooves, freeing you from the limits of pre-packaged loops and over-complicated DAWs.

Geist fuses creative sample-sculpting tools with fast pattern step-sequencing and arrangement. Browse through sounds with lightning speed, slice and assign loops to pads with a single click; sample, resample and build beats in a slick unified environment. Geist makes fiddly tasks with multiple apps a thing of the past.

Geist runs as a plugin and as a standalone application, perfect for laptop beatmaking. Export creations as audio clips or load sessions back into the plugin to resample, reslice, remix, rearrange and transform your beats even further. Geist is a complete, integrated rhythm production sandbox for the studio, the tourbus or the stage!


Geist's browser makes it faster than ever to find your sounds. Save favourites and searches, compare sounds from different folders in shortlists and send previews through a discrete output - perfect for building beats live. Loops can be sliced and sent to pads with a single click. The built-in sampler lets you record external input, resample Geist's output and record multiple tempo-synced takes.


Geist's sound-sculpting tools include real-time DIRAC timestretch, layering with velocity splits and a stunning built-in FX suite. Processing like frequency shifting, granular freezing and ring mod as well as DCAM circuit-modelled compression, filtering and drive can be applied to individual layers, pads, whole engines or the entire mix output.


Geist's pattern step-sequencer includes real-time recording and can even capture takes played without Record enabled! Each of the 8 engines can have different pattern lengths and step rates with additional clock divisions for fascinating polyrhythmic sequences. It also includes microtiming shifts for organic grooves that go 'off the grid' and parameter step-automation for complex, evolving grooves.


Geist's integrated song mode lets you build complex, evolving pattern arrangements in a musical and fun way: record pattern and scene triggers live or edit parts directly on the timeline. Or just start jamming and capture your performance afterwards with the retro record function! Entire songs can be exported from the standalone version or loaded back into the plugin for further editing in a full DAW project.

  • Sample direct to pads, slice loops, intuitively sequence beats and manipulateyour sounds with amazing speed.
  • Trigger scenes and retro-capture performances to take the pressure out of the recording process.
  • Create evolving polyrhythmic beats with individual track lengths, event probability and the new TransMod modulation system.
  • Reworked vector interface can be resized and reconfigured to your needs.
  • Circuit-modelled filters, new effects, loop point modulation, 64 pads for slicing longer loops and much more.
  • Vintage sampler emulation mode for authentic old-school crunch.
  • Quality sounds and loops to inspire your creativity.


  • Sampling rhythm production environment
  • Streamlined slicing, sampling & resampling
  • Pattern and scene sequencing
  • Integrated song mode
  • Real-time record & retro capture
  • Powerful sample layering and sculpting
  • Diverse high-quality built-in FX
  • New algorithms from Bloom and Maul
  • Zynaptiq ZTX time-stretch/pitch-shift
  • Intuitive TransMod modulation
  • Parameter step-automation
  • Intelligent built-in browser
  • Full MIDI and audio export
  • Resizable interface
  • Sound library by Splice Sounds
  • 64-bit VST, AU and AAX plugin formats & standalone version
  • Geist2 includes all content from Geist1 and NEW content from Splice Sounds. 
  • Geist2 owners can select 2 FREE expanders directly within their user account after they’ve registered.

*Cinematic Percussion, Cinematic Drums and City of Drums & Beats are not available in this offer.


  • Windows 7 or above
  • Directx 9 or above
  • OSX 10.9 or above (Mac)
  • Intel i3 (minimum); i5 or greater (recommended)
  • 4GB DDR2 RAM (minimum)

Manufacturer: FXPANSION
Model: FXGSTUPG002
Warranty: See manufacturer website for details
SKU: I556059-N-5-B