Gallien-Krueger MB150S-112III Bass Combo Amplifier

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Experience The Gallien-Krueger MB150S-112III Bass Combo Amplifier - The Compact Bass Combo That's Still In Control

Over the last decades, this amp has been the answer for grab-and-go convenience for anyone needing a clean bass combo that can fit easily into a tight spot - or help you out of one. In particular, this combo is great for guys that play stand-up bass. After creating a great tone, amplifying it enough on so many smaller combos is difficult - if not outright impossible - because they lack precise control over the mid and lower ranges that so haunt us and can overwhelm when gigging live. The GK MB150S-112III is the cure you've looking for. 

The Microbass Combo is a flexible, state-of-the-art bass amplifier, designed to deliver maximum performance, and be simple to operate. This is accomplished through a few very important features such as High current capability for better speaker control, four bands of active equalization for precise tone control, and the robust voicing filters provided for shaping and customizing your sound.

The MB150S-112III has a high headroom gain stage for low noise operation and GK’s proprietary Valve Effect for extra growl, and utilizes Class "H" design for better efficiency. GK's intelligent protection circuitry constantly monitors for unsafe operant conditions.

This amplifier uses a "dual rail" power supply (class H) that generates about half the heat of conventional amplifiers. Low output signals run off of a low voltage supply keeping the amp running cool. When the signal exceeds a certain level, the amp switches to its high voltage supply until the higher signal level drops back down. By using a Class 'H' power supply it eliminates the need for a fan. Convection cooling is used instead for completely silent operation in the studio - or onstage. This well thought out design helps make this the little amp with the big sound.

A longtime favorite of the biggest session artists in the industry, GK’s MicroBass remains the standard for high quality compact bass amplification in and out of the studio. With its sturdy welded aluminum chassis, the MicroBass Series III is equally at home on the road or in the studio. This little powerhouse delivers a surprisingly large and articulate sound.


  • Output Power: 100W @ 8 Ohms
  • 150W @ 4 Ohms


  • Maximum Input Level 0.45V Rms; With -14dB pad 2.0V Rms Input
  • Impedance: 1M Ohm
  • Send output impedance: 1k Ohm
  • Return impedance: (MBE) 70k Ohm
  • Return impedance: (MBS) 12k Ohm
  • Line Output:  Impedance 1k Ohm
  • Direct Output: Impedance 500 Ohms


  • Bass: +8.5dB @ 80Hz
  • Lo-Mid: +7.5dB/-10dB @ 500Hz (MBE Freq. Control: 160Hz-1.6kHz)
  • Hi-Mid: +6db/-10db @ 1kHz (MBE Freq. Control: 620Hz-6.2kHz)
  • Treble: +5dB/-22dB @ 5kHz


  • Low Cut:  17.5dB@40Hz
  • Contour: +8.5dB@80Hz /; -10dB@600Hz /; +10dB@8kHz
  • Presence:  +13.5dB@2kHz
  • Noise -90db
  • Cooling: Convection Cooled


  • Full short circuit, thermal, & RF protection; Stable into reactive and mismatched loads; Five second muted warm-up.

Manufacturer: Gallien-Krueger
Model: MB150S-112
Warranty: See manufacturer website for details
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UPC: 836989000379