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Korg Grandstage 73 Key Stage Piano

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Get Top-Grade Professional Quality From The Korg Grandstage 73 Key Stage Piano

Korg's acclaimed flagship piano sound engine and meticulously selected keyboard sounds. Looks that pay respect to acoustic pianos, yet also convey the ingenuity and individuality of electronic instruments. And a panel layout that is carefully designed to draw out the player's personality and expression. Firmly grounded in both newness and in the piano tradition, it's the birth of a masterpiece for a new generation.

SGX-2: Six Acoustic Pianos

Containing piano sounds from top-level instruments worldwide, the SGX-2 acoustic piano sound engine is what makes the Grandstage worthy of the term "ultimate." The five grand piano sounds have all been lavishly captured using instruments from Berlin, Heidelberg, Austria, Japan, as well as a newly sampled Italian grand piano. These grand pianos are considered world-leading classics, and now they are available in an unparalleled playing experience. In addition, the Grandstage also provides a newly sampled upright piano sound, featuring an intimate character, different from its grand piano sounds, and possessing its own refinement and depth.

EP-1: Six Vintage Electric Pianos

The EP-1 electric piano sound engine contains a total of six vintage electric piano sounds: the classic I, II, V, and DMP tine piano models, and the 200 and 200A reed piano models. MDS (Multi-Dimensional Synthesis) technology delivers a further evolution of the concept of velocity switching, smoothly responding even to subtle changes in your keyboard dynamics. Realistically-reproduced amps, cabinets, speakers, and vintage effects add the finishing touches to these impeccable simulations.

CX-3, Vox, And Compact: Three Organs With Classic Personality

Three different organ sound engines are provided. The CX-3 tonewheel organ sound engine is a complete reproduction of KORG's classic combo organ that went on sale in 1980. The newly designed VOX transistor organ sound engine reproduces the sound of the VOX organ that went on sale in 1960's and had a massive impact on popular music in Europe and the US. Also new is the Compact transistor organ sound engine which simulates the compact organs that earned a legendary place in rock during the same years as the VOX organ. By using these sound engines with the rotary speaker effect that's built into each one.

RH3 Keyboard Responds To Your Every Nuance

Both 88-key and 73-key models of the Grandstage feature the Real Weighted Hammer Action 3 (RH3) keybed. Made in Japan, we are proud of the Premium Japanese Quality achieved through the careful production skills of a small number of dedicated and experienced craftsmen. Like the keyboard of a grand piano, it's divided into four regions in which the lower register feels heavier and the upper register feels lighter, beautifully conveying the delicate touch and nuances of your fingertips, and letting you experience a realistic playing feel.

  • Sound engines that deliver the utmost in stage sound perfection
  • A user interface designed for playability on stage.
  • Reverb and delay that are easy to control.
  • Dynamics knob lets you instantly control the sound's crispness and expressivity.
  • Favorite buttons let you instantly recall the sound you want.
  • Smooth sound transition creates a natural-feeling change when you switch sounds.
  • Three-band equalizer lets you shape your sound.
  • Layer/split capability lets you easily combine sounds.
  • Panel lock prevents unintended operation.
  • RH3 keyboard responds to even the subtlest nuances of your playing.
  • Design that combines both elegance and individuality.
  • Music rest, pedal, and keyboard stand are included.
  • Made in Japan – Premium Japanese Quality.



  • 73-key: RH3 (Real Weighted Hammer Action 3), E1–E7, velocity sensitive, aftertouch not supported

Tone Generator

  • SGX-2 (Acoustic Piano Sound Engine): 60 dual stereo notes (equivalent to 240 voices max.)
  • EP-1 (Electric Piano Sound Engine): 100 voices
  • AL-1 (Analog Modeling Sound Engine): 36 voices
  • CX-3 (Tonewheel Organ Sound Engine): 128 voices
  • VOX Organ (Transistor Organ Sound Engine): 100 voices
  • Compact Organ (Transistor Organ Sound Engine): 100 voices
  • HD-1 (PCM Sound Engine): 64 stereo notes (equivalent to 128 voices max.)
  • Preloaded PCM Storage Capacity: Approx. 19 GB (approx. 32 GB using linear conversion)
  • Number of Sounds: 500
  • Favorite: 64 (Includes 32 preloads)


  • Insert Effect for Sound Programs: 3-band EQ and four insert effects.
  • Reverb/Delay Section: REVERB/DELAY button, Type selection knob, DEPTH knob, TIME-TAP button Select 1 from Reverb type (HALL, STAGE, ROOM, SPRING), Delay type (DELAY, CROSS, TAPE, MOD DLY). DEPTH, TIME (Tap) parameter, user-editable
  • Equalizer Section: EQUALIZER button, LOW, MID, HIGH slider (3 band Equalizer)

Panel Interface

  • FAVORITE: 64 (A–H: 8, 1–8: 8), WRITE button
  • KEYBOARDS: Category selection knob, Display (128 x 64 dots), LEVEL knob, VARIATION knob, EDIT button
  • ENSEMBLE: Category selection knob, Display (128 x 64 dots), LEVEL knob, VARIATION knob, EDIT button
  • Dynamics Section: DYNAMICS button, DYNAMICS knob. Controls how the volume and sound respond to changes in keyboard touch.
  • Other: SPLIT button, SWAP button, EXIT (PANEL LOCK) button, SYSTEM button, TRANSPOSE button, DEMO (SYSTEM button + TRANSPOSE button)


  • Realtime Controller: Pitch bend wheel, Modulation wheel, SW1 button, SW2 button
  • Master Volume: MASTER VOLUME knob

Principal Specifications

  • Frequency Response: 20 Hz–22 kHz: +/-1.0 dB, 10 k ohm load
  • THD+N: 20 Hz–22 kHz: 0.005%, 10 k ohm load
  • S/N Ratio: 105 dB, 10 k ohm load

Audio Output (Left/Right): XLR

  • Connector: XLR-3-32 type (balanced)
  • Output Impedance: 600 ohm
  • Maximum Level: +16 dBu
  • Load Impedance: 10 k ohm
  • LIFT - GND switch

Audio Output (L/Mono, R): Phone

  • Connector: 6.3 mm TS phone jacks (unbalanced)
  • Output Impedance: 1.1 k ohm stereo; 600 ohm mono (L/Mono only)
  • Maximum Level: +16 dBu
  • Load Impedance: 10 k ohm


  • Connector: 6.3 mm stereo phone jack
  • Output Impedance: 50 ohm
  • Maximum level: 150 mW + 150 mW @32 ohm


  • Foot Controllers: DAMPER (half-pedaling supported), SWITCH, PEDAL
  • USB A (TYPE A) x1: For connecting USB storage media
  • USB B (TYPE B) x1: USB-MIDI Interface
  • Power Supply: AC Power Supply terminal, Power button
  • Power Consumption: 30 W


  • AC cord, Music stand, Damper pedal (DS-1H), Keyboard stand (Standard-M-SV)

Manufacturer: Korg USA
Warranty: See manufacturer website for details
SKU: I471291-N-0-B
UPC: 4959112168992

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