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Korg LMA120 Extensive Folding LCD Metronome - Mint, Open Box

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Introduce Yourself To An Extensive Metronome Like No Other - The Korg LMA120 Folding LCD Metronome

The LMA120 is an extensive digital metronome in folding desktop design that comes with a large, easy-to-read and backlit display. Different time signatures can be combined with a number of different accents. Two tempo adjustment modes and tap tempo are available. Furthermore, the metronome includes a stopwatch for measuring the sessions up to 99 minutes and the novel Conduction Motion mode, which is based on the movement pattern of a conductor. A reference sound output on the mood is also available.

Time Signatures (Beats) and Accents (Rhythms)

10 different beats (0-9) can be combined with 6 rhythms (quarter, eighths, triplets, triplets with dotted middle note, quartols and quartols with dotted middle note) and thus cover a wide range of songs and styles.

There are 2 tempo settings: A pendulum mode, adapted to analog pendulum memoromes, as well as the fullstep mode for precise adjustment in 1Hz steps. With the Tap Tempo function, you can select the desired tempo in seconds at the touch of a finger.

The Pocket Conductor

Unique "Conducting Motion" display and a particularly large LCD display allows you to read the tempo in a simple way. Thanks to the generously dimensioned display, the LMA-120 has the possibility of a completely new display: The Conduction Motion mode. Here, the display is based on the baton movement of a conductor and depicts it graphically. The tempo 'feels' more natural and organic. Normally, they would only record the tempo acoustically, but the LMA-120 also provides visual orientation. Alternatively, they can either operate an L/R motion display alone, in which the marker moves from left to right, or combine it with the "Conducting Motion" display. A total of 3 display modes are provided. This function predestines the LMA-120 for all orchestra musicians.

Comfortable Practice

The LMA-120 has a number of other helpful features that can assist the musician in performance.

  • Timer/stopwatch function: The built-in timer/stopwatch function allows training sessions to be recorded in time, up to 99 minutes long, a pleasant additional function
  • Reference tone output and customizable calibration: The sound output mode generates a reference sound by means of which you can tune your instrument in a simple way. This reference tone is defined in a one-octave range (C4-C5). The calibration can also be freely adjusted (410Hz-480Hz)
  • Memory backup: Even when the device is switched off, the "Memory Backup" function preserves settings such as tempo, clock style, calibration and the reference sound frequency. These settings are also retained when changing the batteries

User-Friendly Concept and Low Energy Consumption

The folding, large display as well as the spatially well-placed speaker guarantee a particularly good readability and sufficient volume. The function keys are positioned so that they have immediate access to desired functions. For practicing, small jacks can be connected via the headphone jack small jack headphones. The folding construction protects the LCD display and makes it compact and easily transportable. When the display is closed, the device switches off automatically to prevent unnecessary battery consumption.



  • Settings: Conducting Motion Mode, Left/Right Mode

Tempo, Beats, and Rhythms

  • Tempo Range: 30 to 252 BPM in quarter notes
  • Tempo Settings: Pendulum mode, Fullstep mode
  • Speed Accuracy: Better than ±0.1%
  • Beats: 0 - 9 beats
  • Rhythms: Quarters, eighths, triplets, triplets with dotted middle note, quartols and quartols with dotted middle note

Reference Tone and Calibration

  • Reference Tones: C4 (261.63 Hz) to C5 (523.25 Hz) one octave
  • Calibration Range: A4 = 410 Hz to 480 Hz (1 Hz levels)
  • Tuning Accuracy: Better than ±1.5 cents


  • Connections: Headphones (1/8" mini), DC IN (9V)
  • Loudspeaker: Dynamic speaker (23 mm)
  • Power Supply: Two AAA Alkaline Batteries (3V) or AC Adapter (opt.)
  • Battery: 90 hours with backlight turned off
  • Dimensions (W x D x H): 101 x 84 x 22 mm (folded)
  • Weight: 148 g (including batteries)

Included Accessories

  • Two AAA batteries
  • Soft Case

Manufacturer: Korg USA
Model: LMA120
Warranty: See manufacturer website for details
SKU: I191339-GA625-1-B
UPC: 4959112048850

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