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Make Noise Morphagene Tape And Microsound Music Module

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Create Sounds Previously Unheard By Man With The Make Noise Morphagene Tape And Microsound Music Module

The Morphagene is a next generation tape and microsound music module that uses Reels, Splices and Genes to create new sounds from those that already exist. Search between the notes to find the unfound sounds.

A few of the Morphagene's most basic uses: Splice recorded audio and jumble it using ORGANIZE. Manipulate playback speed and direction with Vari-Speed. Granularize with Gene-Size and Slide. Layer or Stagger Genes using MORPH. Undertake iterative music processes by recording manipulations and overdubs into new Splices, like having two machines (one for Playback and modulations, one for Record). Process sound in real time using Time Lag Accumulation. Utilize envelope following CV OUT and EOSG Trigger to engage Morphagene in conversation with the rest of your modular system. Stretch and squash sound with Clock input.

  • NEW revision Morphagene firmware MG155 adds great functionality. Download today!
  • Voltage control over all sound manipulation parameters
  • STEREO I/O with Auto Input Leveling
  • Recording Reel can be up to 87 seconds long
  • Record/ create up to 99 Splices per Reel
  • SD Card stores multiple Reels
  • Sound On Sound allows for layering sounds
  • Playback and Recording independent, like having two machines
  • Vari-Speed range 12 semitones up and 26 down, over 3 octaves
  • 24-bit codec, creates 48k 32bit WAV files
  • Back up Reels on computer with SD Card
  • Share and download Reels at freesound.org!
  • Includes blank SD Card

  • Audio In A & B: Line Level to Modular level signal. AC coupled. No analog input gain/ attenuation control. Signals may be leveled using Automatic Leveling.
  • Sound On Sound CV IN: Uni-polar control input for the Sound On Sound (S.O.S.) parameter. Range 0V to 8V, linear response. Normalized to +8V.
  • Sound On Sound (S.O.S.) Combo Pot: Sets mix of previously recorded Loop with Live Signal input allowing for Sound on Sound. With nothing patched to S.O.S. CV IN, works as standard panel control for S.O.S. parameter. With Signal patched to S.O.S. CV IN, works as attenuator for that signal.
  • Audio Out A & B: Typically 10Vpp; AC coupled.
  • Gene-Size Panel Control: Manual unipolar control which nondestructively changes the playback window from the full Splice when full counter clockwise, to extremely short (potentially inaudible) at full clockwise.
  • Gene-Size CV IN: Bi-polar control input which sets Gene-Size. Range 0V to +8V.
  • Gene-Size CV IN Attenuator: Bi-polar attenuator for Gene-Size.
  • Vari-Speed Bipolar Panel Control: Manual bipolar speed and direction control. When set to 12:00, playback is stopped. Turning clockwise from 12:00 increases playback speed in forward direction. Turning counter clockwise from 12:00 increases playback speed in reverse direction.
  • Var-Speed Activity Windows: Indicates Speed, Direction, and Morph settings.
  • Vari-Speed CV Input: Bipolar speed and direction control input. Range +/-4V.
  • Vari-Speed CV Input Attenuverter: Bipolar attenuator for Vari-Speed CV Input.
  • Morph Panel Control: Manual unipolar control which allows Genes to be staggered, stacked, and layered.
  • Morph CV Input: Unity level, uni-polar CV input which sets Morph level. Range 0V to +5V.
  • CLK Input: Synchronizes REC, Gene-Size, and Morph. Expects Clock or Gate of at least 2.5V in amplitude.
  • CV Output Activity Window: Visual indication of the CV Output signal.
  • CV Output: Control signal representing the average energy of the signals at the Audio Outs. Range 0V to +8V DC.
  • Play Gate Input: Gate HIGH triggers or re-triggers playback from start of currently selected Splice. If held HIGH, Splice Loops. If held LOW, playback stops at End of Splice. This input is normalled High, so with nothing patched to Play, the Splice loops. Slide offsets the Play Reset/ Start point.
  • REC Gate Input: Clock or gate input for Record. Toggles Record ON/OFF. Expects Clock or Gate of at least 2.5V.
  • REC Button w/ Illumination: Starts and stops recording. Lights to indicate that recording is happening. Press to Record into same Splice or to initiate Time Lag Accumulation. The process starts upon the release of the REC Button. Hold REC Button and Press Splice Button to Record into New Splice. While recording, press the REC Button to stop the Recording process. Also used for Button Combinations.
  • Splice Button w/ Illumination: Press to drop Splice marker on captured sound. Lights to indicate End of Splice/Gene. Also used for Button Combinations.
  • Splice Gate Input: Places Splice marker on captured sound based on incoming Gate HIGH. Expects Clock or Gate signal of at least 2.5V.
  • Reel Activity Window: Visual indication of currently selected Reel. Flashes to indicate signal at CLK IN and while in Reel Select Mode. Strobes at High Gene-Size and Morph values to indicate excitement.
  • End of Gene/ Splice Gate Output: Outputs Gate at the end of each Splice and/or Gene. 0 to 10Vpp.
  • Splice Activity Window: Visual indication of currently selected Splice. Flashes to indicate Erase Splice, Erase Splice Audio, Erase All Splices, and Erase All Audio.
  • microSD Card Slot: For use of FAT32 formatted microSD cards only.

Manufacturer: Make Noise
Warranty: See manufacturer website for details
SKU: I513183-0-B

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