Motion Sound Acoustic Field Acoustic Guitar Amp - USED

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Get Wonderful Acoustic Guitar Tones With The Motion Sound Acoustic Field Acoustic Guitar Amp - USED

*Includes Pedal to control Rotary Speaker emulation*

Known for their keyboard amps, Motion Sound tries their hand at making acoustic guitar amplifiers. Presenting the prototype Acoustic Field Amplifier. With Rotary Speaker emulation, 6 types of Reverb built in, and transparent equalization setting the perfect acoustic guitar tone for your next gig takes no time at all!

The AG-110H uses a unique rotary distributor to move the sound around in very subtle (adjustable) ways, recreating the multi-source properties of the guitar body. A range of adjustments and a real mechanical spring reverb complete the natural sound of the AG-110H Acoustic Field guitar amplifier.


  • Volume
  • Contour: shelving shift centered at 1200 Hz; Boost highs while cutting lows or cut highs while boosting lows 
  • Bass, Middle, Treble
  • Built in Reverb


  • Slow: Provides a sense of space and depth; Set this speed first.
  • Fast: Provide a range of choruses from slow rich movement through tremolo ranges; Set this control after the slow speed. (NOTE* The rotor does NOT provide Leslie-like tremolo.) 

  • Pre-Amplifier: Solid state 0.1% THD, 10 meg 100 pf impedance
  • Power Amplifier: Solid state 100-watt RMS
  • Speaker: 10" Eminence Beta 250-watt, 8 ohms 80-watt 3.5 x 3.5 Ferro cooled horn
  • Crossover: 3 kHz
  • Dimensions: H 15", W 18", D 12" Weight 32 lbs.

Manufacturer: Motion Sound
Model: AG-110H
Warranty: See manufacturer website for details
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