Polyend Preset Macro Controller/Sequencer Module

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Recall your Hand Crafted Sounds with Ease - The Polyend Preset Macro Controller/Sequencer Module

The 22 HP interface is simple, clean and streamlined. At first glance, Polyend Preset module might look like simple a digital preset manager for Eurorack systems, but it's much more than this. Its vast implications make it a very smart companion for your modular system. But let's start from the basics. With the use of 9 LED coloured clickable encoders, Preset allows you to store up to 9 different CV output values in 32 banks of 32 presets. Yep, 1024 in total!

Three colors. Three modes.

  • Green: Gate mode; sends values from 0V to 10V only when the pad is pressed. Once released, the Gate outputs 0V.
  • Blue: Constant Value mode; sends values from 0V to 10V constantly.
  • Cyan: Notes mode; sends quantised constant values (V/Oct or Hz/V) that correspond to the notes in a chosen musical scale.


  • Nine independent CV output values in 32 banks of 32 presets.
  • Save and recall Notes, Gates, Constant values or Recorded automations.
  • Play your presets live or sequence is using Gate Mode.
  • Smoothing option can smooth out your recorded automation.
  • Built in 32 scales.
  • Slew option allows you to morph values from one preset to another in a chosen amount of time.
  • Record in your LFO or Envelope from external modules.
  • Create your own scale with micro tuning.
  • Create crazy sequences using CV Mode.
  • Dimensions: 22HP wide, 24mm deep.

Manufacturer: Polyend
Warranty: See manufacturer website for details
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