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Rane RAD1W Remote Audio Device

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Convert Your Digital Signal Through The Wall With The Rane RAD1W Remote Audio Device

A RAD1 provides two professional quality microphone inputs on XLR connectors. 24 V phantom power can be activated for each microphone in software. Euroblock connections on the back of the RAD allow a hard-wired mic input or for paralleling the mic jacks.

The RAD1 mounts in a standard 2-gang US electrical box. It is available in white, ivory, or black, with a matched Decora plate cover included. Order model RAD1W for white, RAD1I for ivory, and RAD1B for black.


  • 1 Label a location on the RAD for inserting a custom label of the input, output or channel number associated with the corresponding jack.
  • 2 XLR tab push tab for releasing a microphone cable. This tab may be removed details are in the HAL or Mongoose installation manual.
  • 3 Input/Output jacks the actual jacks to which you connect the appropriate audio device(s). The jacks differ based on the RAD model.
  • 4 SIG/OL LED displays a green light when an audio signal is detected, displays a red light when the channel is experiencing a signal overload.
  • 5 Power LED displays solid green when the RAD is receiving power, turns solid red if the voltage received is lower that expected.
  • 6 Comm LED displays solid green when the RAD detects the communication pair of wires and communication is established between the HAL or Mongoose and the RAD. The LED displays solid red if the RAD cannot communicate with the host, likely due to a communication pair wiring problem.
  • 7 Audio Rx LED displays solid green when the RAD detects that the pair of wires for receiving audio is functioning properly, regardless of the RAD model, displays red if there is a problem.
  • 8 Audio Tx LED displays solid green if communication with the HAL or Mongoose has been established and the host informs the RAD of the Tx Audio lock. The light displays solid red if there is a problem communicating with the RAD or if there is a problem with the Audio Tx pair of wires.
  • 9 Light sensor detects the amount of light in the room and dims or brightens all LEDs appropriately. If the room where the RAD is installed is very dark and Allows LEDs to turn off option is enabled, the LEDs will go completely dark. If this is the case and you need to see the lights, simply shine a light (from a flashlight or some other source) on the RAD. Note that you cannot permanently turn these lights off manually, this is by design. We want to avoid the possibility of anyone thinking the RAD is defective (because the power light is off) and attempting to replace it unnecessarily.

Manufacturer: Rane
Model: RAD1W
SKU: I351874-N-2-WHXA
UPC: 687499175763

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