Steady State Fate Ultra-Random Analog Voltage Generator Eurorack Module

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Embrace Some Chaos With The Steady State Fate Ultra-Random Analog Voltage Generator Eurorack Module

The first module of the Ultra-Random series, the Ultra-Random Analog is a random voltage generator with six random outputs including two clocked stepped random outputs - one with built in logarithmic slew, a third stepped output that toggles between two internal noise sources or whatever is patched into the sample inputs, a fully voltage controllable smooth fluctuating random voltage output, a voltage controllable random gate/noise with 7 selectable levels of randomness and an independent vactrol based voltage controllable integrator - all with a built in 1V/Oct tracking voltage controlled clock.  The URA can additionally function as a dual Sample and Hold, capable of wave shaping and sample reducing CV and audio.

The URA was designed to maximize routing options both within the module itself as well as within your modular system.

  • Twin analog white noise generator sourced sample and holds: A and B for producing bipolar stepped and slewed random voltages. External input jacks are provided for both units - for processing external signals, random or otherwise. Sample level attenuators provided for each. These units will pass digitized analog white noise at the outputs when high sampling rate is achieved - using an internal or external clock. Wide range logarithmic slew control on unit B. Bipolar LED indicators
  • A third stepped output (TOGGLE A/B) provides another unique stepped random output which alternates sampling from two sources in time with the sample clock. This function can additionally splice two external sources together or a single source with one of the internal random sources. In essence, a double throw switch with synchronous sample rate reduction. Bipolar LED indicator
  • Very smoothly fluctuating random voltage (R-FLUX) provides a very organic random output with voltage controllable (via Vactrol) slew speed and voltage controlled output level probability. Internal or external clock timing. Bipolar LED indicator
  • Random pulse/gate output (R-PULSE) operates from sub-sub audio well into the audio rate for use as a random gate/trigger sequence, additional random clock or digital noise generator. The frequency is variable via panel control and FM (density) input. R-Pulse features 7 selectable levels of randomness through 7 stage divisions. Scroll up/down through divisions. Saves selection every 60 seconds. LED indicator
  • Opto-Integrator - a vactrol based Integrator for smoothing voltages. This integrator features an input jack for processing external signals but processes the R-Pulse output through internal normalization when nothing is patched in. Panel control and CV input provided for altering the integration slope. Bipolar LED indicator
  • Built in clock with hi and low range selector. Panel speed control and 1V/OCT FM input. Temperature compensated for low drift. Clock output for timing external devices. Clock doubles as a full range pulse VCO. LED indicator
  • External clock input for optionally timing S&H-B, R-FLUX and TOGGLE outputs
  • All packed into a comfortably designed 10hp width.

  • Width: 10hp
  • Depth, Max: 33mm
  • Current Draw, Quiescent: +65mA, -37mA
  • Current Draw, Peak: +76mA, -47mA
  • R-PULSE Range Adjustable (PCB TRIM)
  • R-PULSE CV EXP, Bipolar
  • MAIN CLOCK FM - 1V/OCT, Bipolar
  • FLUX INFLUENCE CV - Unipolar
  • OPTO CV -Unipolar
  • Rev Polarity Protected
  • RoHS & CE Compliant


  • Inputs Accept +/- 10 V (20Vpp)
  • Output Range is +/-10V (20Vpp)
  • Noise Adjustable to +/- 10V (PCB TRIM)
  • Flux Adjustable to +/- 10V (PCB TRIM)

Manufacturer: Steady State Fate
Warranty: See manufacturer website for details
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