Westone AM Pro 20 Earphones

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Get Clear Signal Balanced With Ambient Sound With The Westone AM Pro 20 Earphones

Over twenty years ago, Westone changed the way music is performed with the introduction of the world’s first universal-fit balanced-armature in-ear musicians’ monitors. 

Designed and built to perform on the most demanding stages in the world, the AM Pro 20 features two proprietary, balanced-armature drivers, with a passive crossover. The dual balanced-armature driver design, delivers robust low end and crystal clear highs, with all the detail and nuance that musicians have come to expect from a professional in-ear monitor. The range, output, and power of the AM Pro 20 makes it an ideal choice for performing musicians and music lover looking for more low end in their mix. 

The Westone AM Pro 20 incorporates all the innovations and expertise that Westone has developed in almost 60 years of designing and manufacturing products for the human ear. The compact, low-profile, ergonomic design is comfortable, and can be worn for hours and hours. 

Westone’s proprietary silicone and comfort foam eartips are provided in 5 different sizes and enhance the performance of our In-Ear Musicians’ Monitors by ensuring a superb fit and by provide superior noise isolation. 

With Westone's SLED technology, ambient sound is seamlessly integrated with the monitor mix with no compromise to the frequency response of the monitor signal, putting you in control of your musical environment. Enjoy full-frequency response from you in-ear monitor signal, hear and feel your surroundings, engage with fellow performers, and your audience like never before. 

The Westone AM Pro 20 was designed by musicians, for musicians, and can be used not only by onstage, but also by music lovers, no matter what type of music they listen to.


The Westone AM Pro 20 features patent-pending SLED Technology combining passive ambient sound with the monitor mix, two proprietary, balanced-armature drivers, with a 2-way crossover. The dual driver delivers robust low end and crystal-clear highs, with extreme detail and nuance. Designed and built to perform in the most demanding environments, and will meet the needs of the most discerning musician and music lover.


Designed and built to perform in the most demanding environments, the compact, low-profile, ergonomic design of the AM Pro 20 is incredibly comfortable, and can be worn for hours and hours. Westone's silicone and comfort foam ear-tips enhance the performance of our IEMs by providing superior noise isolation and ensuring a superb fit.


Westone's professional-quality MMCX Audio Twisted Cable is manufactured using high-strength, high-flex, ultra-low resistance tensile wire, which is reinforced with a special aramid fiber. Twisted to help reduce cable noise and keep the cable light-weight, flexible, and comfortable, our cable features MMCX Audio Connectors and 3.5mm stereo plug. Built to withstand the rigors of the road, Westone’s MMCX Audio Cable is perfect for use on-stage, or for personal listening.


Purchase includes: 1 pair Westone AM Pro 20 In-Ear Monitors, MMCX Audio Twisted Cable, 5 pair Patented STAR Silicone Ear-tips, 5 pair TRUE-FIT Comfort Foam Ear-tips, Impact-Resistant Monitor Vault, Cleaning Tool.

  • Two balanced-armature drivers and crossover
  • 119 dB @ 1mW sensitivity
  • 20Hz - 18kHz frequency response
  • 27 ohms @ 1kHz
  • Features passive ambient SLED technology

Manufacturer: Westone
Model: AM PRO20
Warranty: See manufacturer website for details
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