Yamaha P5000S Dual Channel Power Amplifier 750 Watt x 2 At 4 Ohms

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Amplify Your Sound In Any Setting With The Yamaha P5000S Dual Channel Power Amplifier

Versatile I/O and Yamaha Speaker Processing in power amplifiers that deliver high performance as well as economy.  The Yamaha P5000S Dual Channel Power Amplifier is the perfect choice to power the Club V series of speakers.


The new Yamaha P-Series Power Amplifiers deliver solid, professional-quality power in a wide range of configurations designed to suit a variety of applications. In 4 ohmas bridged mode the P7000S delivers 3200 watts, the Yamaha P5000S 2600 watts, the P3500S 2000 watts, and the P2500S 1300 watts.

Those on a budget will find the lineup's high power output and affordable prices offer superior quality without putting a strain on allotted funds. Further savings are realized with extremely efficient operation utilizing Yamaha's exclusive EEEngine technology, which keeps operational costs down by significantly reducing AC power consumption and heat generation.


The new Yamaha P-Series Power Amplifiers can be used with any loudspeaker system, but if you're using our Club Series speakers they will provide optimum power and performance. In an 8Ω stereo application, power output per P7000S channel is 700 watts (650 watts on the 230V model), the Yamaha P5000S puts out 500 watts per channel, the P3500S delivers 350 watts per channel, and the P2500S outputs 250 watts per channel. This wide selection lets you choose the amplifier that best matches the power handling capabilities of your speaker system.

All four models are equipped with independent sweepable high-pass and low-pass filters on each channel so you can optimize output for subwoofer or full range systems.


Look at the specifications and you'll notice that the P2500S and P3500S are surprisingly light in weight, making transport and setup less of a chore. What is really impressive, however, is the difference in weight per watt when you look at the Yamaha P5000S and P7000S. The use of an advanced switching power supply makes these two models very lightweight while maintaining superior audio quality.


To provide the most versatile connectivity possible, all four models are equipped with Neutrik Speakon* output jacks and 1/4-inch output jacks for each channel, in addition to 5-way binding post. Balanced XLR and 1/4-inch TRS jacks are provided for channel input.


EEEngine (Energy Efficient Engine) Technology makes more efficient use of AC power by reducing power consumption and heat generation without sacrificing output power or sound quality. When power requirements are low, the system uses a highly efficient current buffer to transparently switch input power on and off as needed. As power requirements increase, an independently responding auxiliary power line supplies additional power as required. Output isn't compromised because the auxiliary power line is driven by the power supply voltage which maintains maximum output to the speaker load.


YS Processing (Yamaha Speaker Processing) achieves optimum matching with Yamaha's popular Club Series loudspeaker systems. This special circuit optimizes output from the power amplifier to match the characteristics of Club Series speake

  • Dynamic power; 1kHz 20ms nonclip 2ohms 1300W x 2
  • Dynamic power; 1kHz 20ms nonclip 4ohms; Bridge 2600W
  • Output power; 1kHz 4ohms 750W x 2
  • Output power; 1kHz 8ohms 525W x 2
  • Output power; 1kHz 8ohms; Bridge 1500W
  • Output power; 20Hz-20kHz 4ohms 700W x 2
  • Output power; 20Hz-20kHz 8ohms 500W x 2
  • Output power; 20Hz-20kHz 8ohms; Bridge 1400W
  • Total harmonic distortion Less than 0.1% (20Hz-20kHz; Halfpower), RL=4ohms
  • Intermodulation distortion Less than 0.1% (60Hz:7kHz=4:1; Halfpower)
  • Frequency response +0dB, -1.5dB (RL=8ohms, 20Hz - 50kHz)
  • S/N ratio 103dB
  • Power band width 10Hz-40kHz
  • Crosstalk Less than -70dB
  • Damping factor More than 350
  • Voltage gain 32dB
  • Input sensitivity +6dBu
  • I/O Connectors Line input / output ports 2x XLR-3-31, 2x 1/4"TRS phone jack
  • I/O Connectors Speaker output ports 2x speakON, 2x 5-way binding post, 2x 1/4"Phone jack
  • Processors HPF/LPF (25Hz-150Hz sweepable, 12dB/Oct), YS Processing
  • Protection circuit Load protection Power switch on/off mute; DC-fault (power supply shutdown)
  • Protection circuit Amplifier protection Temp. detection (Heat sink temp ≧90°C) (Operation not restored automatically), VI limiter (RL≦1ohm)
  • Amplifier class EEEngine
  • Cooling 2x Variable-speed fan
  • Power consumption Music source equivalent 500W
  • Power consumption Idling 35W

Manufacturer: Yamaha
Model: P5000S
Warranty: See manufacturer website for details
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