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Yamaha YFG-821 Custom Bassoon - Pre-War

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Get Pre-War Design With Modern Influences With a Yamaha YFG-821 Custom Bassoon

Yamaha Custom bassoons deliver a full rich sound which allows control of the most subtle tone shadings in delicate passages, while letting you open the sound up beyond traditional limits.



  • Heckel System - Pre war design: The YFG-821 was designed for players who prefer a great degree of tonal flexibility. It is designed for soloists and others who desire maximum capability to adapt their sound quality to different performance situations.
  • Contemporary Tone Hole and Bore Design: Advanced design techniques and skilled Yamaha engineers have resolved intonation problems and tone quality inconsistencies traditionally associated with bassoons. Yamaha has created a bassoon that allows the artist to control the most subtle tone shadings in the most delicate passages, while opening up the sound beyond traditional limits.


  • Level Custom: "Pre-war" model
  • Key of: C
  • Key System: Heckel
  • System G:entleman compact (YFG-821C)
  • Wall Thickness: Thinner; larger bore
  • Roller Keys: F & Ab ; Ab & F# ; low Eb & low C#
  • Features: C plate; High C key; High D key; 2 bocals; Hand crutch; Neck strap
  • Body Material: Long seasoned maple
  • Key Material: Nickel silver
  • Plating: Silver
  • Tone Holes: Undercut; Silver tubes available
  • Thumb Rest: Fixed
  • Trill Keys: F-G (high E key); E-F#
  • Spring Type: Blue steel
  • Options: Bb key guard; Joint hinge; Balancer; RH pp slide system; A pp arm connecter
  • Roller Options C# ; pp lock; F# lever; Bb key; E
  • Trill Key: Options LH Eb ; RH Eb ; C; D

Manufacturer: Yamaha
Model: YFG-821
Warranty: See manufacturer website for details
SKU: I034174-N-0-B
UPC: 086792501444