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Yamaha YTR-9445NYSII-YM Xeno Artist Model C Trumpet

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Get Your Hands On The Trumpet That Changed The Game For The Boston Symphony Orchestra With The New Yamaha YTR-9445NYSII-YM Xeno Artist Model C Trumpet

The release of the second generation NY C trumpets lead to several meetings with the Boston Symphony Orchestra trumpet section. During these meetings it was determined that an alteration to the existing NY model C trumpet was necessary to take of advantage of the legendary acoustic properties of Boston's famed Symphony Hall. This lead to the development of the YM bell that features a slightly steeper flare than the YS bell of the NY model creating a sound that retained all of the power and projection of the YS bell but changed the way the clarity and purity of the trumpet sound is perceived in Symphony Hall. The effect of the YM bell was so dramatic that all 4 trumpet players in the BSO section have adopted this new trumpet design.


The new YM bell flares more steeply than the YS4 bell, contributing to its exceptionally well-defined pitch center and flexible tone. The bell is the only difference from the YS4 equipped YTR-9445NYSII model, indicated by a YM bell type inscription following the model number. The YM bell has a bottom seam that provides optimum balance with the reduced wall thickness, acoustically optimized valve casing and lighter pistons.


Utilizing a leadpipe that is thicker than current designs, an original style Malone Pipe (MC2), and a lighter mouthpiece receiver, we've achieved improved tone and response while providing the performer with an ideal blowing resistance. Malone Pipe Based on leadpipes designed by renowned brass instrument artisan Bob Malone, the Malone Pipe is available in several keys, offering quick response, superior intonation and unparalleled evenness of tone: Originally a trumpet player himself, Bob Malone opened his own custom brass shop in Los Angeles in 1983. Trumpeters flocked to his shop to have him personally customize their horns. His original leadpipe design has enjoyed wide acclaim and is still held in high regard among trumpet players. Since Bob joined Yamaha’s Research and Development team in 2001, his Malone Pipe design has made its way into a number of Xeno Artist models and Custom series instruments. Rich and brilliant tone with excellent projection, the Malone Pipe brings total expression to your music.

Valve casing, piston

The reduced wall thickness and acoustically optimized valve casing and lighter pistons, as well as the modified angle of the branch tube (Knuckle, marked blue in the photo), result in improved response and provide the performer with an ideal appropriate resistance. Modifications to the shapes of the piston button, top cap, and bottom cap, as well as production refinements, have made it possible to deliver a deeper tone while improving projection.

Main tuning slide and brace

A conventional square crook is used (the Chicago model has a semi-square crook), while the socket of main tuning slide brace (marked blue in the photo) has been taller and made brace heavier to achieve blowing resistance and vivid tonality that add up to brilliant presence in orchestral settings.

Water key

The weight distribution of the water key and base has been revised for more playing versatility and easier access to the high notes.

Brace balance and position

The shape and position of the bell braces has been modified to achieve better weight balance that results in quicker response and livelier tone with a solid tonal core.

1st valve slide change

Shorter 1st slide has done away with the characteristic 1st piston intonation instability that can occur with a C trumpet. Intonation adjustment and tonal flexibility have been substantially improved.

Slide stopper

The slide stopper is used to prevent the trumpet slides from coming off the instrument. The slide stopper is made of silicone rubber, which does not discolor the instruments finish like regular rubber does. It can be left in place while playing. (Length: 12 cm)


The TRC-800E double case features a backpack-style design for ease of transport and new designed side pocket.


  • Body Finish Silver-plated
  • Weight Heavy
  • Bell Type YM
  • Bell Diameter 123mm (4-7/8")
  • Bore Bore Size 11.73 (0.462")
  • Bell Yellow brass
  • Key C

Included Accessories

  • Case TRC-800E
  • Mouthpiece TR17B4

Manufacturer: Yamaha
Model: YTR-9445NYSII-YM
Warranty: See manufacturer website for details
SKU: I459751-N-1-B
UPC: 889025113021

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