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Make sure to have a “Keyboard Survival Kit”

Add an extra power supply, stand, power conditioner, extra ¼” cables, and an extra sustain pedal. You never know when something will go bad! ...Read More

Yamaha YTS-23 Tenor Sax

Sale Price: $2425.00

Chauvet Freedom Strip Mini RGBA

New Low Price!

Sale Price: $229.99

Chauvet Freedom Par RGBA

New Low Price!

Sale Price: $229.99

Yamaha Oak Custom 3-pc Shell Pack


Sale Price: $1565.00

Custom 24 Experience 2012

Private Stock Call for Price

25th Anniversary Modern Eagle II

Private Stock Call for Price

Collection Grand: #085 of Collection

Private Stock Call for Price

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THE Microphone / Preamp Demo Room is Now OPEN!

  Ever wanted to try a Telefunken U47? How about a Neumann M149 Tube? What about getting to A/B both of them through 48 of the industry’s top preamps and channel ctrips, as well as tons of 500 Series modules?? Well, you can rest easy now. Chuck Levin’s Washington Music Center has taken care of …Read More

Ed Scott: Powell Flute Certified Repair Technician

Ed Scott recently took a trip up to Powell Flutes for his repair technician re-certification. Here is a little write up the nice people wrote about Ed and his training: “Repair Technician Ed Scott began working at Chuck Levin’s Washington Music center in April 1988, repairing flutes, saxophones, and bassoons.  He was formally trained in …Read More

Anatomy of a Snare Drum Part 4: The Hoops

     The Hoops   Drum hoops, in their most basic function serve as the means of securing and tensioning the head across the bearing edge of the drum.  The properties of the hoop will alter the tone and the feel of the drum especially when hitting a rimshot or a cross stick.  As previously …Read More

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