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Everything In Music Since 1958
Everything In Music Since 1958
Must-see Gibson Guitars only at Chuck Levin's!

Must-see Gibson Guitars only at Chuck Levin's!

Exclusive Gibson's available ONLY at Chuck Levin's!

Founded in 1958, Chuck Levin's was around when Gibson's now-iconic sunburst Les Pauls were first entering guitarists' hands. To celebrate our shared history and partnership, Chuck Levin's and Gibson have produced a series of guitars customized by the Chuck Levin's Guitar Department and built by the Gibson Custom Shop Murphy Lab. This collection of CHUCKSCLUSIVE Gibson guitars has been spec'd out by the Chuck Levin's guitar team in collaboration with the Gibson Custom Shop and Gibson Murphy Lab. The collection is refreshed regularly, and we are always coming up with new custom guitars that you can only find here at Chuck's!

The Trini Lopez models

CHUCKSCLUSIVE Gibson Custom Shop 1964 Trini Lopez Standard in Olive Drab, Viking Red, and Watermelon King finishes

Based on thorough scans of the coveted original models, the 1964 Trini Lopez Standard gives you an authentic vintage ownership experience from the chunky '64 neck profile to the unique trapeze tailpiece. "The Gibson guitar that was inspired by Trini Lopez is as exciting as the young performer who helped create it," reads one of Gibson's original 1960s advertisements. While Trini Lopez sadly passed away in August 2020, he continued to perform with his namesake model into his 80s, and the model is also favored by many other famous musicians from Dave Grohl to Noel Gallagher.

'59 Les Paul in Lemon Tobacco Fade

The Gibson Custom Shop's 1959 Les Paul Standard Reissue is not just a tribute to the priceless original models. Gibson maps and clones the iconic build, starting from laser-scanned dimensions to chemically-recreated plastics to color-matched shades of each sunburst. Every element of the original can now be rendered in unbelievable detail. This threshold represents the culmination of decades of work by Custom Shop's expert team - a tireless quest to bring accuracy and authenticity to the hands of fans. 

Let's Talk Tea


Looking for tea time? Our #CHUCKSCLUSIVE Gibson Guitars include Royal Tea and Iced Tea finishes with a variety of aging options and configurations.

Want an even closer look? Check out our CHUCKSCLUSIVE Gibson Collection here!





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