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Rental Fee Deposit Rental Fee Deposit
Flute 85 50 130 75
Clarinet 85 50 130 75
Alto Sax 300 100 400 150
Trumpet/Cornet 85 50 130 75
Trombone 85 50 130 75
Snare Kit 85 50 130 75
Bell Kit 85 50 130 75
Bell/Snare Combo Kit 125 75
Violin 85 50 130 75
Viola 85 50 160 80
Cello 300 100
String Bass 400 125
Piccolo 100 60
Oboe 250 & up 100
Bassoon 500 & up 200
Bass Clarinet 300 & up 100
Tenor Sax 400 & up 125
Baritone Sax 500 & up 200
French Horn (Single) 150 & up 75
French Horn (Double) 300 & up 100
Baritone Horn 250 & up 100
Tuba 500 & up 200
Euphonium 400 & up 125
Xylophone 175 75
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One Time Rental Fee covers the school year (September-June).


  • Valid U.S. Government issued ID such as driver’s license, state ID or federal issued ID
  • Valid major credit card (required, used for security)
  • Acceptable payment methods: cash, check, credit cards
  • Student’s name and school
  • Parent’s names, home address, phone numbers and email address
  • Parent’s employers name, address and phone numbers
  • Personal reference
Instrument Rental Hours

Monday - Saturday: 10:00am - 5:30pm

Holiday Closings

Closed - Monday, September 7th - Labor Day
Closed - Saturday, September 19th - Rosh Hashanah
Closed - Monday, September 28th - Yom Kippur
Closed - Thursday, November 26th - Thanksgiving

Why Rent School Instruments From Chuck Levin's?

At Chuck’s the customer is our priority. We strive to keep our musical instrument rental prices low and the process easy. Our aim is to help create future musicians. Your one time payment made at the time of rental covers the entire school year. Our prices are the same no matter where you live in Maryland, Washington DC or Virginia.

Service Contract?

No need to purchase a service contract. If a mouthpiece gets stuck, a key needs adjustment, a pad comes loose – bring it back to Chuck’s and it will be repaired at no additional cost to you provided the repair is not due to physical damage. The majority of our music instruments are returned in good condition or are repairable at a minimal charge. No service contracts out there cover damage due to negligence or willful acts – this includes younger siblings or dogs getting hold of the instruments, running over it with the car, seeing how it’s put together with the screwdriver, etc!


If you have a homeowners policy or a home rental policy and the school instrument is lost due to forced entry, fire or other disaster covered by your policy, your school instruments should be covered without need of purchasing additional insurance. Check with your insurance provider. Instruments left at school, left on the bus, etc will not be covered by any insurance policies we know of. If your child takes a school bus, get to know your drivers! They are your best insurance. We recommend you fill out the luggage tag that we include with your rental instrument.