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Everything In Music Since 1958
First Listen: Gibson Custom Shop Reveals New Murphy Lab Guitars - Chuck Levin's Washington Music Center

First Listen: Gibson Custom Shop Reveals New Murphy Lab Guitars

By Chuck Levin's on March 9th, 2021

Come take a listen to some of the brand new Murphy Lab Gibson Custom Shops! We thought the best way to go through some of these awesome Les Paul's was to have Carter (@CarterLouAndTheProject) rip through a tune showcasing some different tonal characteristic from an era long, long ago!

Tom Murphy, the namesake of the Murphy Lab collection, is a master artisan who helped create the Gibson Custom Shop. Tom's passion for blending the old with the new led him to develop a very special process of aging guitars. The results speak for themselves. 

Each Murphy Lab guitar from Gibson is a unique work of art that comes packed with all the vintage vibe you could ever want. 

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Michael Peloso - March 9, 2021

At least they aren’t stencil painted like those fenders.

Gary - March 9, 2021

I feel like it would be cooler to come out with Les Pauls that have custom features like P-90s, ebony fretboards, locking tuners, and 6100 stainless steel fret wire. Maybe some of those pull pots to reverse phase..but I don’t even really know about that stuff – I just know that I like those other things I mentioned.

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