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Everything In Music Since 1958
New Zildjian and Vic Firth Stick & Cymbal Bags!

New Zildjian and Vic Firth Stick & Cymbal Bags!

At Chuck Levin's, we understand that every drummer's journey is unique, filled with its own rhythms and milestones. That's why we're excited to introduce the latest additions to our percussion bag wall – the Zildjian Student Collection and Vic Firth's newest range of bags, designed to accompany you from your first drum roll to your master solo. Not only are these new bags stylish, they are durable and functional! Colors include Purple Galaxy 🌌, Orange Burst 💥, Black Rain Cloud 🌧️, and more!⁠

Curated especially for those at the beginning of their drumming path, these collections from Vic Firth and Zildjian are more than just bags. They are your essential travel companions to lessons, school, or practice sessions. Thoughtfully designed to hold smaller cymbals and equipped with specific compartments for laptops, books, and practice pads, they ensure that you have everything you need to make music, anytime, anywhere.

These new bags are built to endure the rigors of daily use and the passionate dedication of young musicians. We've loved the pop of color and vibe these have brought to the drum department, come and check 'em out!!⁠

Check em out! 👉 


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