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Everything In Music Since 1958
Everything In Music Since 1958
Staff Spotlight - Meet The Guitar Department!

Staff Spotlight - Meet The Guitar Department!

Our staff is a family. Strong personalities, differing points of view, and of course a deep love of music! Come with us as we go behind the sales counter and meet the folks who make the Chuck Levin’s Guitar Department a destination! 

We went beyond the usual gear questions and asked our staff the really hard-hitting stuff... like ideal way to cut a sandwich!


Who is the Guitar Department, anyway?

The Guitar Department is where you'll find electric and acoustic guitars, basses, and amplifiers, as well as related instruments including ukuleles, mandolins, and banjos!

Staffed by experts from top to bottom, no matter who you talk to in the department you can be sure you're talking to someone who speaks your musical language!


If you could see any artist, dead or alive, who is it?

Pete (Sales) - Stevie Ray Vaughn.

Dana (Sales) - I’d like to see Bach playing on the organ.

Caleb (Stock) - Let’s go with Jimi. Jimi Hendrix.

Carlos (Manager) - Yeah, Jimi. Front row. Jimi, at the front of the stage.

Dana - Fillmore East Jimi! Club Jimi.

Carlos - Have you ever felt the power of a dual stack right in front of you?


Do you cut your sandwiches vertically or diagonally? 

Everyone - Straight! 

Paul (Sales) - Who’s got time to cut a sandwich??

Pete - The triangle pieces, they annoy me. The chew profile is all off!

Luke - The triangles are a little kid-ish...



Your first guitar to your last guitar, and everything in between.

Our guitar department strives to cater to as many musicians as possible, and our staff is just as excited about our latest custom guitars as they are about welcoming a new guitarist to the instrument.

The department displays student guitar packs right next to high end custom shop models at the entrance - welcoming both new and veteran guitarists wherever they are in their journey!


What is a musical experience that made you feel warm and fuzzy inside? 

Dana - I have two answers. I was able to see a few operas at the Metropolitan Opera about 3-4 years ago. Just the overall experience of being there and hearing the music performed and sung onstage directly was sort of life-affirming. And the other one was when I went to see Pantera back in the 90s in New York City. I was in the pit and someone vomited in the pit. There was vomit in the pit. That was life-affirming as well in a different way.

Pete - The biggest thrill for me was always playing. You know, if you can connect, especially if you have a good crowd and you can see that everyone’s responding and dancing and singing along and having a good time. There’s nothing like that. That’s like a drug.

Caleb - At heavier shows, like hardcore shows, honestly just getting in the pit. Moving around with people and moving your body. Like he said, that’s a drug. 


What is the best gift you’ve ever received?

Pete - My first drumset when I was four that my mom bought from Mr. Levin here.




This can be a controversial question, but Fender or Gibson?

Caleb - Fender.

Pete - It depends on the situation! At the end the day though, Fender. A desert island guitar? Fender. It’s the most sensual of all the stringed instruments.

Paul - I was raised on Fender. Like a white shark, it was born perfect.

Luke - It’s changed since I’ve started working here, but Gibson.

Dana - I’m going to plead the fifth – I can’t decide!


If you could be in any film or TV Show, what would it be and which character would you play?

Dana - Michael Corleone in The Godfather.

Caleb - Shameless. One of the younger Gallaghers – probably someone between Debbie and Ian.




What do you like most about your favorite artists or bands?

Luke - Mine would be dedication.

Dana - I was going to say the same thing! For me, it’s guys like Steve Vai or even Edward Van Halen because they never stopped practicing. Ever.

Luke - I was going to say somebody like Paul McCartney or The Rolling Stones.

Pete - It’s all about the attitude and the swagger. The Stones, Guns & Roses, things like that. They had a certain attitude and a certain swagger about them that I like.

Caleb - Unpredictability and quirkiness in studio albums and recordings. You never know what they’re gonna do next. Like Black Midi, King Crimson, Yes.


What is the best advice you’ve ever received?

Pete - To “calm down”, from Carlos. The first time that I was told I needed to calm down, that was a game changer. Carlos – would you say that I’ve actually learned to calm down yet?

Carlos - I would say that you know when to calm down now at least.



We're glad you stopped by and made it to the end! At Chuck Levin's, our staff is our best asset, and we want to share them with everyone, regardless of whether you swing by the shop in person or browse our insane inventory on!


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jameskalil - April 17, 2024

the greatest place to do business…I usually don’t say much about my dealings but I have to say Carlos’s in guitars is the best and Pete Fleming, in guitars my main man he is fabulous…I buy several guitars here but the most important thing is..They Are Honest…Make you feel at home…And they care about…YOU…the buyer, the things you really need ,..they have all kinds of ways to get what you want into yours hands…does not matter the instrument..they are family and they are there for…you..don’t miss out..Chuck Levins..hmmmm.they are…. to beat bar none

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