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The latest from PreSonus - Quantum Audio Interfaces

The latest from PreSonus - Quantum Audio Interfaces

Introducing the PreSonus Quantum Audio Interfaces: The Next Generation of High-Fidelity Audio

PreSonus just unveiled their newest iterations of the Quantum Audio Interfaces, including the Quantum ES 2, ES 4, HD 2, and HD 8. These four models empower creators to dive into high-quality audio production with newly redesigned MAX-HD preamps, industry-leading converters, and front-facing instrument inputs developed in collaboration with experts at Fender®. Offering stunning, high-fidelity performance, these interfaces cater to both self-made audio creators and professional studio engineers alike.

Check out the videos below to hang out with Evan from PreSonus in the Chuck Levin's Studio and learn more about the exciting ES and HD series.


Key Features at a Glance

  1. High-Performance Signal Flow: Custom low-latency drivers and low-noise converters deliver pristine audio quality.

  2. All-New MAX-HD Mic Preamps: The result of 30 years of innovation, these preamps feature digitally controlled analog with an impressive +75 dB gain range.

  3. Co-Developed with Fender®: Front-facing instrument inputs, designed specifically for guitarists, were created in partnership with Fender® experts.

  4. Professional Recording Software Included: Access 6 months of Studio One+ with full access to Studio One, add-ons, and more.

  5. Auto Gain: Set recording levels quickly and easily with this hassle-free feature.

  6. Universal Control App: Monitor and control your interface from your mobile device, desktop, or tablet.

Quantum ES Series

Designed for self-made musicians and audio creators, the Quantum ES series features pristine preamps, low-noise converters, and seamless DAW integration. These models deliver professional-grade audio quality, making them ideal for any home studio setup.

PreSonus Quantum ES Models Include:

  • Quantum ES 2: A compact 2-in/2-out interface for mobile creators seeking high-quality audio.
  • Quantum ES 4: A versatile 4-in/4-out interface perfect for small studios.

Quantum HD Series

Tailored for professional studio sessions, the Quantum HD interfaces offer high-quality 32-bit converters, extensive I/O, and seamless integration with Studio One. They are designed for those who require uncompromising audio fidelity and comprehensive connectivity.

PreSonus Quantum HD Models Include:

  • Quantum HD 2: A 2-in/2-out interface with 32-bit conversion for pristine audio clarity.
  • Quantum HD 8: An 8-in/8-out powerhouse providing expanded I/O and routing options.


The PreSonus Quantum Audio Interfaces represent a new standard in audio recording technology, offering unparalleled features for both aspiring and seasoned creators. With their revolutionary MAX-HD preamps, collaboration with Fender®, and seamless software integration, the Quantum ES and HD series deliver the ultimate audio production experience. Whether you're recording at home or in a professional studio, these interfaces will elevate your audio journey.

Explore the Quantum series today and take your audio production to new heights!

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