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Everything In Music Since 1958
Yamaha Montage M Features with Blake Angelos

Yamaha Montage M Features with Blake Angelos

Yamaha Synthesizer Product Specialist Blake Angelos tells us all what's NEW on the the brand new Montage M6, M7, and M8X. Sit back with Blake in the Chuck Levin's Studio, and learn all about Yamaha's mind-blowing new flagship synth 🔥

The Dawn of a New Era

The Yamaha Montage M doesn't just push the boundaries; it obliterates them, offering a seamless blend of vintage charm and futuristic functionality. This synthesizer is an invitation to embark on an auditory journey, from the nostalgic echoes of analog synths to the cutting-edge landscape of FM synthesis, all the way to the ultra-realistic reproduction of acoustic instruments.

A Trio of Power

At the core of the Montage M lie three potent engines, each a beacon of Yamaha's commitment to sound innovation:

  • AN-X Engine: Step back in time with sounds that defined entire musical eras, now at your fingertips, recreated with astonishing accuracy and warmth.
  • AWM2 Architecture: With 128 elements at its disposal, this engine delivers unparalleled dynamics, articulations, and a crystal-clear high-definition sound that breathes life into every note.
  • FM-X Engine: Propel your music into the future with 8-operator FM synthesis, offering an expansive playground for crafting dynamic, modern synth landscapes.

A Canvas for Creativity

The Montage M is not just about sound generation; it's about sound exploration. With 9.97 Gb of Wave ROM and 3.8 Gb of Flash ROM, the possibilities for customization and expression are virtually limitless. Whether it's the 400-note polyphony accommodating the most complex compositions or the 16 library slots inviting endless custom performances and waveforms, this synthesizer ensures your creative vision is never curtailed.

Authenticity and Expression

Yamaha understands that the essence of music lies in its expression. That's why the Montage M features technologies designed to enhance your performance:

  • VCM Rotary Speaker Effect: Experience the authentic sound and control of a classic organ, complete with realistic drawbar behavior.
  • Pure Analog Circuit 2: This circuitry ensures your output is not just heard but felt, with clear harmonic reproduction and a powerful, even frequency response.
  • FSX Action Keyboard: The semi-weighted, 88-note keyboard with aftertouch is meticulously crafted for the highest level of responsiveness, satisfying the most discerning pianists and keyboardists.

Beyond Sound Creation

The Montage M redefines the relationship between stage and studio. With its deep computer connectivity and integration, this synthesizer bridges the gap, offering a fluid experience that transcends traditional musical environments. Whether you're performing live or crafting the next hit in the studio, the Montage M is your trusted companion, ready to usher in a new era of sound, control, and workflow in music creation.

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