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Blackstar Sonnet 60W Acoustic Amplifier

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Amplify Your Guitar While Keeping the Tone Pure with the Blackstar Sonnet 60W

The new Sonnet line amplifies the natural response of your acoustic instrument capturing every nuance of its tone and your performance. The 60W has two independent channels, microphone and instrument, with its own EQ and reverb level settings and a host of player-friendly features such as XLR and USB outputs. The addition of Bluetooth audio playback makes it the ideal solution for solo performers or duos. This amp is powerful, light and compact, and the built-in tilt-back stand projects the sound for any performance.

Sonnet RecRoute Overview

The Blackstar Sonnet Series amplifiers feature a built-in USB Audio function for audio playback, recording, and live streaming. This offers both quality recording capabilities direct to your DAW on PC, Mac, iOS or Android devices, as well as the ability to live stream the incredible sound of your amplifier direct to popular streaming apps such as YouTube, Instagram, Facebook Live, and many more.

The Sonnet RecRoute application allows the user to select the routing of the USB Audio signal, choosing between two options:

  • Stereo Mix: A mix of Channel 1 and Channel 2 with Stereo Reverb
  • Split: Independent Channel 1 (Left) and Channel 2 (Right) with no reverb

Using this application, the sensitivity level of each option can be adjusted by up to 10dB to suit your connected recording device/application. The default setting is Stereo Mix. This is a mix of Channel 1 and Channel 2 with the currently selected Reverb setting on your amplifier and is ideal for capturing a live recording, jam session, instruments with Reverb or live streaming directly to an app/website.

You may want to record separate tracks - for instance, when using the Sonnet as an interface - which you intend on mixing later. For this, select Split from the Sonnet RecRoute application. This will allow you to record both Channel 1 and Channel 2 preamplifier output independently to your chosen DAW on your PC, Mac, or mobile device. This will not include Reverb.

The Sonnet 60W

The Sonnet 60 is the ideal grab-and-go acoustic combo. This light weight, compact and feature laden 60 Watt, 1x6.5 + tweeter combo is perfect for all your acoustic gigging needs. With microphone and instrument channels with independent EQ and REVERB levels, stunning studio quality reverbs: HALL and PLATE, High Pass Filter, Brilliance control, USB audio out, XLR D.I. mix output, MP3/Line in, Bluetooth audio, footswitch socket for audio mute and REVERB on/off and Tilt-back stand for ultimate sound projection.


  • 60W, 1x6.5 + tweeter
  • Bluetooth Audio
  • Microphone and instrument channels with independent EQ and REVERB levels
  • Stunning studio quality reverbs: HALL and PLATE
  • High Pass Filter
  • Brilliance
  • USB Audio Output
  • XLR D.I. mix output
  • MP3/Line In
  • Footswitch socket for audio mute and REVERB on/off
  • Tilt-back stand

Manufacturer: Blackstar Amplification