Catalinbread Bicycle Delay Effects Pedal

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Play In A World Of Unique And Ever Changing Delay With The Catalinbread Bicycle Delay Effects Pedal

The nature of the experience depends almost entirely on set and setting.

The way pedal behaves is also metaphoric to how I’ve been looking at life. Approach it from a negative perspective, go ahead, make it spiral downward. There is beauty in it, like there is enjoyment in picking at a scab. It’ll take you to darker musical places fitting for the vampires at night. It all depends on your mood. Bring it up, it wants to take off. Happiness in a madhouse. The most difficult and interesting stuff begins to happen when you keep it balanced. Edges of notes brighten radiantly to prominence, like the flora and fauna do when I walk Clemma in the early morning sun.

The Bicycle Delay is as organic as a computer growing from a tree. Sonically the pedal is ever changing, even turning the knobs has an amorphous behavior. Go with it.

  • Lucidity: wet/dry mix
  • Reflect: number of repeats; from one repeat to self oscillation
  • Radiance: filters the repeated signal
  • Mood: determines the velocity and pitch shift of the repeats
  • Expanse: delay time

Power Source Recommendation: Negative Tip DC, 9-18 volts

The Bicycle Delay does not run on batteries. If you want more volume, headroom, and percussive attack, try running an 18 volt power supply. A 9 volt power supply will have a slightly softer sound that saturates more easily.


Manufacturer: Catalinbread
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