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Death By Audio Rooms Digital Reverb Guitar Pedal

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Step Into The Reflective Sounds Of Rooms, The Spacial Digital Reverb Pedal From Death By Audio

ROOMS is a stereo, multi-function digital reverb capable of searing volume, gated walls of sound, and long, trailing reverberant ambiances with an intuitive array of controls designed with live mood-bending in mind. ROOMS was designed to the highest standards of flexibility and audio fidelity. A studio-quality mixer section provides independent DRY and FX controls over six meticulously programmed reverb algorithms; ROOM, DIGIT, PEAK, GATE, WAVE, and GONG. Each different verb is capable of a universe of sounds, and ROOMS is here to help you explore them.


  • Dimensions: 5.95" x 3.86" x 2.96" (including hardware).
  • Weight: 18 oz.
  • Power: 80 mA, 9V (runs on a standard 2.1 mm negative center 9V adapter). 
  • Expression Pedal: Almost any expression pedal will work with ROOMS. When not plugged in, the controls work as normal. NOTE: Expression control ONLY controls the F or T knobs when ALT mode is engaged and when an expression pedal is plugged in.

Modes AND Parameters

  • ROOM: Tone of Decay - Pre-Delay. A classic reverb that simulates many different rooms.
  • DIGIT: Delay Time - Delay Feedback. A filter matrix verb capable of creating otherworldly resonances and fractured repeats.
  • PEAK: Filter Frequency - Filter Resonance. A super intense bandpass filter combined with an ambient reverb.
  • GATE: Decay Tone - Gate Response Time. A gated reverb. Short reverb times create a classic gate effect, long reverb times create a controllable freeze effect.
  • WAVE: Modulation Frequency - Modulation Depth. Creates a pitch vibrato effect. Lowering TIME will blend out the reverb signal, allowing sweeps from chorus/vibrato to long modulated reverbs.
  • GONG: Modulator Frequency - Blends from Aliasing (left) to Ring Modulation (right). Ethereal, crushed reverb sounds guaranteed to make you star in the upcoming remake of DUNE and live out your sci-fi fantasies of space travel and galactic domination.


  • FREQ: Controls the frequency parameter of the current mode.
  • DEPTH: Controls the depth parameter of the current mode.
  • TIME: Controls the reverb time in all modes.
  • DRY: Controls the volume of the dry signal, from -inf to 20x gain.
  • FX: Controls the volume of the reverb signal, from -inf to 20x gain.
  • ALT: Engages the ALT mode, switching between two sets of controls. When active, FREQ is controlled with the F knob, DEPTH with the D knob, and TIME with the T knob. Additionally, the ALT mode turns on expression control of either FREQ or TIME using the F<->T Switch on the side of the pedal. NOTE: Expression control ONLY works in ALT mode and when an expression pedal is plugged in.

Manufacturer: Death by Audio
Model: ROOMS
Warranty: See manufacturer website for details
SKU: I666020-N-2-B
UPC: 681827918749