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Drum Workshop DWCP5500TD Heavy Duty Delta II 2-Leg Hi-Hat Stand

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Get A Stand That Won't Let You Down With The Drum Workshop DWCP5500TD Heavy Duty Delta II 2-Leg Hi-Hat Stand

2-leg model comes with a long and short hi-hat rod for varying heights. Heavy-duty 5000 hi-hats are offered in both 2-leg and 3-leg models, and feature lateral cymbal seat adjustment, integrated memory locks and 379 locking clutch.

  • The uni-body Folding Footboard stays attached to the base casting when secured in the folded position. 
  • DW’s patented Delta Ball-Bearing Hinge is a state-of-the-art lightweight aluminum design that incorporates ball bearings at both sides.
  • The unique Bearing Link Connector, which connects the footboard chain to the pull rod, for reduced friction and increased sensitivity.
  • Hinged Memory Locks are included at tube joints to guarantee 100% repeatable, precise height settings every time.
  • The SM379 Locking Clutch comes standard and allows you to dial in closed "sloshyness" and lock it so it doesn't come loose.
  • Upper Rods come standard in two lengths (21" and 15"), allowing you to customize the Hi-Hat Stand for your specific needs.
  • Swivel Legs allow easy positioning of bass drum pedals and other stands around the Hi-Hat Stand.

  • 1" upper tube
  • 1 1/8" base tube

Manufacturer: DW Drums
Model: DWCP5500TD
Warranty: See manufacturer website for details
SKU: I242954-N-2-B
UPC: 647139106878