Flix FSH Flix Sticks Heavy Fiber Drum Sticks - Orange/Black

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Get A Uniquely Dynamic Sound With Flix Sticks Heavy Fiber Drum Sticks - Orange/Black 

Thick, resilient fibers and adjustable tone rings produce a superb range of "unplugged" sounds. Try a different ring setting on each hand. The FSH is a heavier stick, with thicker fibers, produced to meet the demand for a louder, harder, sounding stick. Increasingly popular.

Drummers world-wide have discovered just how versatile, subtle and expressive the Orange Stick can be. Orange Sticks have featured on the American Country Music Awards, David Gray's 'White Ladder' album, and hundreds of other shows and albums.

Manufacturer: Flix
Model: FSH
Warranty: See manufacturer website for details
SKU: I240897-N-1
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