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Everything In Music Since 1958

Hammond SK Pro61 61-Key Portable Organ Piano

by Hammond
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The Hammond SK PRO61 Is A Premier Portable Digital Organ Piano With Four Sound Engines

Hammond’s SK Series set the standard for lightweight, stage keyboards with just the right mix of features for any player, regardless of genre. Hammond's all-new SK PRO advances and refines the SK concept bringing unprecedented tonal versatility and functionality; combined with logical real-time controls.

NEW Features For SK Pro

  • Four sound engines which can be used separately or in any combination. All samples are at a higher resolution than the previous SK series
  • Drawbar organ section derived from the top-of-the-line XK-5
  • Virtual multi-contact keyboard
  • New digital Leslie™
  • Expanded transistor ("ACE") and classical pipe organ voices (including 32' pedal and theatre pipe organ voices)
  • Piano section with a wide variety of keyboard instruments, including hi-res grand and electric piano sounds
  • New "S" style grand piano (legendary European instrument)
  • Ensemble section with essential brass, reed, string, choir and percussion instruments
  • Analog-modeled mono synth section
  • Pitch bend and modulation wheels
  • Real AC connection, no "wall wart"
  • Multiple, assignable outputs, with discrete organ and bass outputs
  • 11-PIN Leslie jack
  • Onboard bulk storage for all programming
  • A and B USB Ports (for storage and MIDI-Over-USB functions)
  • Seamless switching of tones while playing
  • PATCHES, COMBINATIONS, and centrally located FAVORITE/ALLOCATE buttons allow quick and easy access to performance needs
  • Large color display with essential information gives the player instant status of the instrument

Voice Sections


The SK PRO incorporates the state-of-the-art “Modelled Tone Wheel 1” (MTW1) sound engine pioneered by the Hammond XK-5 Organ, recognized everywhere as the standard in digital “tone wheel” sound. The newly developed Virtual Multi-Contact function replicates the keyboard performance of a vintage Hammond Organ, allowing the player to experience the distinctive Hammond “feel” in every detail. A built-in new-generation Digital Leslie brings deeper authenticity, including the airflow of Leslie rotors, faithfully reproducing the Leslie’s unique tone and three-dimensional effect. A new tube modeling system providing the essential Hammond “tube-warmth”.

A special system emulating the “Matching Transformer” of a vintage Hammond Organ adds striking authenticity to the Hammond Drawbar tones. In addition to the great Drawbar sounds, the SK PRO also models the Italian, British and Japanese “transistor” combo organs which have come back into style, in today’s music. The player can also call upon a full range of Classical Pipe Organ Voices, and for the first time in any modern keyboard, a range of Theatre Pipe Organ Voices are now included.


NEW to the SK PRO: All Piano/Ensemble voices can be FULLY EDITED. Sample choice, EG, Filter, LFO and other parameters are now in your control; and can be saved as a Patch. The SK PRO contains high-quality samples of the world's leading grand piano sounds, including a brand-new “S” sample of a legendary European Piano.

162 Hi-Def digital voices (upgraded in resolution from previous SK models) provide a wider variety of tonal possibilities, many of these voices new to the SK series. All Voices chosen for real-world musical performance usefulness. 12 Category buttons allow easy and instant tone selection. Hammond's exclusive ProChord feature (available on many voices) permits the player to reproduce complex harmonies by playing a single-note melody and playing chords with the left hand.

Mono Synth

The SK PRO incorporates a physical-modeling Synthesizer faithfully reproducing the sounds of classic analog synthesizers. Six (6) different Oscillator configurations are provided, as well as controls for Filter and Amplitude allowing the player to create sounds in real-time just as on a classic analog synth.



The SK PRO’s basic voice unit is a “Patch”, storing the source sounds and all programming for that individual Patch. There are Factory and User Patches available: 100 of each for the Organ and Mono Synth sections; and 300 Factory/100 User for the Piano and Ensemble Sections.

Combinations And Favorites

The SK PRO introduces “Combinations”, preparing sounds (“Patches”) from any or all of the four tonal sections, along with the desired performance parameters required for those sounds. You can also assign external MIDI instruments to these Combinations. Combinations “set the scene” for each performance, and may be changed in an instant. In conjunction with the 4 “Allocation” buttons located in the center of the keyboard, the player can call up any part of a Combination in real-time, giving the equivalent of FOUR discrete keyboards.

200 Combinations are available (100 Factory and 100 User). Any ten (10) of these may be assigned to the FAVORITES buttons (as seen on previous SK models), for instant access. The role of the Favorites has been expanded to include ten (10) BANKS of Favorites, easily called with a simple key stroke.


Each of the 4 Voice Sections can receive Overdrive and 2 types of comprehensive DSP Multi-Effects.

Playability and Operability

The SK PRO incorporates Pitch Bend and Modulation Wheels giving the player full expressiveness to their music. Each Voice Section has an individual Volume Control allowing the different Sections to be balanced against each other in real time.


The SK PRO includes LINE OUT Left and Right jacks as well as a Headphone Jack and an AUX IN jack with its own volume control for connecting an external sound source such as a music player. In addition, INDIVIDUAL OUTPUTS allow the assignment the PIANO, ENSEMBLE or MONO SYNTH Sections to two separate audio outputs. Independent ROTARY OUT and ORGAN PEDAL (BASS) OUT jacks are provided.

The SK PRO additionally includes an 11-pin Leslie interface, allowing an 11-pin Leslie Speaker to be connected quickly and easily using an 11-pin Leslie cable (sold separately). When using a single-channel Leslie Speaker, the Drawbar Organ sounds will be heard through the Leslie while the other sounds – PIANO, ENSEMBLE and MONO SYNTH – will be present at the LINE OUT jacks.

The SK PRO can also save custom Patches, Setups, etc. either to USB memory, or to a desktop or laptop computer. USB MIDI allows MIDI communication utilizing a single USB cable.


Sound Engine

  • Organ Section: MTW1 (Modelled Tone Wheel I), Polyphony: 61 (Tone Wheel Organ)
  • Piano/Ensemble Section: Sampling Sound Engine, Polyphony:128
  • Mono Synth Section: Analog Modeling Synthesizer, Monophonic


  • 61/73 note, with velocity, semi-weighted, Square-front ("Waterfall"・-style)


  • Parts: 3 (Upper, Lower, Pedal)
  • Drawbars: 1 set, 9 pitches
  • Voicing: Upper and Lower: 8(A-100, B-3, C-3, Mellow, Vx, Farf, Ace, Pipe), Pedal: 3 (Normal, Muted, Pipe)
  • Percussion: Buttons: On, Volume Soft, Decay Fast, Third Harmonic


  • Component: 4, LFO: 2

Mono Synth

  • Oscillator: 6 types (Duo, Unison, Pulse, Sync, FM, Noise)
  • Filter: 4 types (LP12, LP24, HP12, HP24), Resonance, Drive
  • Modulator: LFO: 1, EG: 2 (Pitch and Filter, Amplitude)


  • Organ Section: Vibrato and Chorus , Multi Effect 1, Overdrive, Multi Effect 2, Matching Transformer , Leslie, Equalizer and Tone Control
  • Piano/Ensemble Section: For each section: Multi Effect 1, Overdrive, Multi Effect 2, Equalizer
  • Mono Synth Section: Multi Effect 1, Overdrive, Multi Effect 2, Equalizer
  • Master: Equalizer, Reverb

Key Map

  • Internal Zone: Transpose, Octave, Split, Pedal To Lower, Allocate, Pedal Sustain
  • External Zones: 3 Zones (assignable to each keyboard)


  • Pitch Bend wheel, Modulation wheel, Portamento, Leslie (Bypass, Stop, Fast)


  • Favorites: 10 banks x 10 numbers (Combination), 10 numbers (Page)
  • Combination: Factory: 100, User: 100, Bundle: 100, Manual
  • Organ Patch: Factory: 100, User: 100, Bundle: 100
  • Piano/Ensemble Patch: Factory: 300, User: 400
  • Mono Synth Patch: Factory: 100, User: 100, Bundle: 100
  • Custom Tone Wheel: Factory: 4 x 3, User: 4 x 3
  • Custom Pedal Registration: Factory: 3, User: 3
  • Custom Pipe: Factory: 3, User: 3
  • Custom Cabinet: Factory: 8, User: 8


  • Internal Memory, USB Flash Drive


  • 320 x 240 pixel


  • USB: To Host
  • Audio: Line Out L, R, Headphones, Individual 1, 2, Rotary Out, Organ Pedal Out, Aux In (with Volume control)
  • Leslie: 11-pin, 1 and 3 channels available
  • Others: Foot Switch 1/Leslie Switch, Foot Switch 2, Damper Pedal, Expression Pedal

Rated Power Consumption

  • 22W


  • SK PRO:1004(W), 322(D), 109(H) mm


  • 9.3 kg


  • AC Cord

Manufacturer: Hammond
Model: 002-SK PRO
SKU: I650065-0-WHXA

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