Harrison Instruments Model 302 Theremin

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Get A Portable Yet Rugged Theremin: The Harrison Instruments Model 302 Theremin

The Harrison Instruments Model 302 is an economy-oriented theremin featuring superb fidelity, stability and ease of use, designed with the road musician in mind. Volume manufacturing techniques have enabled the production of the 302, comparable in performance to much more expensive theremins, at an affordable price. Built to rigorous standards with the best commercial materials, the 302 Theremin is a road-ready, reliable companion for the serious musician.

Compact, lightweight at just 2 pounds, and completely portable, the 302 sets up in minutes, with battery operation eliminating the need for an external power source. Its high-impact-resistant ABS plastic case ensures durability and reliability. When used with a mic stand and a battery-portable amplifier such as the VOX DA-5 or Roland Cube, the 302 permits a theremin performance virtually anywhere. Equally suited for the studio, the 302 also provides unexcelled results for use in recordings and soundtracks. Thoroughly evaluated in the rigors of harsh travel environments, the 302 has been perfected and tested by thereminist Arthur Harrison in every-day, practical use, in both indoor and outdoor venues.

The 302's compact, symmetrical style is functional and unobtrusive, allowing a clear view of the performer. A horizontal pitch antenna permits a natural, low-stress hand position, reducing the fatigue that otherwise may result from playing traditional "pole" designs. The volume is specifically designed to increase as the hand descends toward the plate. While contrary to the traditional theremin volume response, extensive human-factor evaluation has found such a "closer for louder" design to be much more intuition-inclined and therefore easier to learn and play. While thereminists accustomed to the traditional volume method can adapt to the 302 with practice, beginning thereminists will find that the 302 method is very intuitive in nature.

  • Full-function Pitch and Volume capability
  • One-knob Tone control provides a wide range of high-fidelity, pleasing output tones with exceptionally wide dynamic range noise (>47dB S/N)
  • and excellent hand-distance response (Sound Sample 1)  (Sound Sample 2)  (Sound Sample 3)  (Sound Sample 4)  (Video Sample)
  • Five-octave pitch range with easily-learned "Louder for Closer" volume operation
  • Volume Zero and Pitch Zero controls for easy sensing adjustment
  • Easy-access internal 9V battery (included) provides more than 24 hours of play time
  • Convenient pilot lamp indicates advance need of battery replacement
  • Output Jack for connection to external amplifier or effects processor
  • Sufficient Zero-adjustment ranges for operation without a direct earth connection
  • Rugged ABS plastic enclosure with highly-legible control labels and detachable brushed aluminum antennas
  • 5/8"-27 female-threaded adapter for easy attachment to common mic stands

  • Useful pitch range: Five octaves (55 Hertz to 1760 Hertz)
  • Available pitch range: Seven octaves (27 Hertz to 3520 Hertz)
  • Nominal pitch sensing distance: 18 inches / 45.7 cm
  • Pitch response: Frequency increases as hand distance decreases
  • Tone waveform characteristic range: Sine-like wave to fully-rectified sine-like wave
  • Volume dynamic range: 47dB minimum
  • Nominal volume sensing distance: 14 inches / 35.6 cm
  • Volume response: Volume increases as hand distance decreases
  • Control compliment:
  • Volume Zero knob
  • Off/On-Level Knob
  • LED Power / Battery-Good Indicator
  • Tone  knob
  • Pitch Zero knob
  • Output connector: 1/4" Mono Phone Jack for standard audio instrument cable
  • Output impedance: Approximately 900 Ohms
  • Maximum output level: 5 Volts Peak-to-Peak
  • Power source: One IEC 6LR61 9V Alkaline Battery, Duracell MN1604 or equal
  • Battery life: 24 hours, minimum
  • Operating temperature range: 40 Degrees F to 100 Degrees F
  • Storage temperature range: -10 Degrees F to 120 Degrees F
  • Overall dimensions (without antennas):
  • 8 3/8" L x 5 1/16" W x 3 1/2" H
  • 21.27 cm L x 12.85 cm W x 8.89 cm H
  • Overall dimensions (with antennas):
  • 26" L x 8" W x 3 1/2" H
  • 66.04 cm L x 20.32 cm W x 8.89 cm H
  • Antenna sensing area:
  • 8" L  x  5.5"  W
  • 20.32 cm L  x  13.97 cm W
  • Weight: Approximately 2 Pounds / 0.91 kg

Manufacturer: Harrison Instruments
Model: 302 THEREMIN
Warranty: See manufacturer website for details
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