Line 6 Relay G75 Guitar Wireless System

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Get The Reliability And Freedom Of Wireless With The Line 6 Relay G75 Guitar Wireless System

Proven on stages worldwide, Line 6® digital wireless technology delivers industry-leading audio specs and the lowest-available latency. Relay® G70 and G75 build on that legacy to offer next-generation performance, unmatched sound quality and unprecedented flexibility for guitarists. Plug right into the ¼” input on the transmitter—no special cables required. Easily add additional transmitters and instantly switch between instruments, complete with programmable presets for signal routing, levels and more. Featuring rugged metal construction and 8+ hours of battery life (with up to 70 hours of standby time), Relay provides tried-and-true performance from stage to studio.


For guitarists, nothing is more important than tone. We’ve been building guitar wireless longer than anyone else, and Relay is the only system that delivers your tone without compromise. Featuring wider frequency response, next-generation radio technology, and more dynamic range than other wireless systems, Relay ensures that your signal gets to your amp in its purest form. You can perform knowing that G70 and G75 will sound just like a cable—every time you hit the stage. 


Featuring rock-solid metal construction, Relay G70 and G75 are built to withstand serious punishment on stage or in the studio. Simply choose the model that’s right for your setup—the Relay G70 stompbox fits perfectly on your pedalboard, while Relay G75 is designed for amp-top placement. 


No other wireless system makes it so easy to perform with all your instruments. With support for multiple transmitters and unique preset scenes, you can control signal routing, levels and more with the single press of a footswitch. Set different levels for instruments with active, passive and acoustic pickups. Route an electric guitar to an amp, and an acoustic to the PA system—while giving both access to the built-in tuner. And if you only have a single transmitter, you can switch it from guitar to guitar and change settings instantly using the preset scenes.


Featuring all the inputs and outputs you need, Relay G70 and G75 make it easier and more efficient than ever to route your signal on stage—even with complex setups. A 1/4” aux input on the receiver lets you plug in directly without re-patching pedals, while a premium balanced XLR output ensures consistent audio performance when going direct to the board or a modeler. And with three programmable 1/4” outs plus an XLR out, you can assign outputs for each instrument—easily route your Tele to a POD, your Les Paul to an amp and your acoustic to the XLR DI output.


With Relay, you’ll never be left powerless because you forgot to charge your battery pack. Unlike other wireless systems that use built in proprietary batteries, you can power Relay G70 and G75 transmitters with AA batteries. Use recharageables, or just pop in a couple of the garden-variety AA batteries available everywhere—either way, you’ll never be stranded on stage with a dead system. Plus, a built-in accelerometer extends battery life (up to 80 hours) by putting the transmitter to sleep when the guitar is hanging on a stand or in its case. 


Relay G70 and G75 give you instant access to the features you care about most—no more digging through menus to access essential functions. Unlike other wireless systems, you can instantly see which guitar and output is live—plus view remaining battery life—right on the home screen. With clear, easy-to-rea

  • Industry-leading audio quality proven on stages worldwide
  • Locking 1/4” guitar input—no special cables required
  • Use multiple transmitters and switch guitars with ease*
  • Tour-grade metal construction for lasting reliability
  • Lossless 24-bit digital signal for uncompromised tone
  • High-resolution signal with <1.5ms latency for studio and stage


Manufacturer: Line 6
Model: RELAY G75
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