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Make Noise Erbe-Verb Continuously Variable Reverb Module

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Generate A Wide Range Of Space With The Make Noise Erbe-Verb Continuously Variable Reverb Module

The Erbe-Verb is more than a collection of reverb algorithms or presets, it is a unique, modeless, continuously variable reverb algorithm with complete voltage control. Typical reverb types such as plate, room, hall, shimmer and others may be programmed by adjusting the knobs. The continuously variable algorithm allows for hybrid and unreal spaces to be found. Traveling between spaces is possible by modulating the algorithm or manually sweeping parameters. More than an end-of-chain effects unit, it's a whole new building block for modular synthesis. Like the Echophon, it's coded by Tom Erbe of soundhack.

  • Mono In, Stereo (or Mono) Out, all analog Dry signal path
  • Size ranges from "coffin" to "the heavens"
  • Continuously variable Decay settings all the way to infinite feedback
  • Wide ranging Pre-Delay settings from 7ms - 500ms
  • Manual or voltage controlled REVERSE reverb
  • Control over Absorbption, Internal Modulation Depth and Speed allows for programming smooth resonances, chorused doppler effects, shimmer, ghost choirs and more
  • TILT shapes the tone of the reverb, dramatically emphasizing low or high frequency content
  • Pre-Delay, Reverse and Internal Modulation all able to be synchronized to external clock via TEMPO input
  • CV Out completes the conversation between Erbe-Verb and rest of system!
  • Utilizes High performance DSP hardware with 24bit, 48kHz codec, 32 bit floating point processing and reasonable power consumption
  • Pairs well with EVERYTHING esp. the Phonogene

  • Signal Input: AC coupled, expects standard signal level of 10Vpp signal.
  • Level Control for Signal Input: unity at 3:00.
  • Mix CV Input: unipolar control input. Range 0V to +5V.
  • Mix Panel Control: blends between Dry (un-processed) signal & Wet (processed) Signal. Operates as Combo Knob, with nothing patched to Mix CV Input, works as standard panel control. With Signal Patched to Mix CV Input, works as attenuator for that signal.
  • Left (Mono) Output: 10Vpp (depending upon Level setting and source material), AC coupled. Left portion of Stereo reverb image, also serves as Mono reverb image.
  • Right Output: 10Vpp (depending upon Level setting and source material), AC coupled. Right portion of Stereo reverb image.
  • Size Panel Control: unipolar panel control that sets the Size of the space. Ranges from "coffin" to "heavens." 35 cu. ft. - 9.3 million cu. ft.
  • Size CV Attenuator: bi-polar attenuator for Size CV Input.
  • Size CV Input: control signal input for Size. Range +/- 5V.
  • Speed Panel Control: uni-polar control for Speed of internal modulation. Using internal clock: 1/2cps - 256 cps, using ext. clock 1/48cps - 9000 cps
  • Speed LED: visual indication of Internal Modulation rate.
  • Speed CV Input: control signal input for Speed. Range +/- 5V.
  • Depth Panel Control: bi-polar control for Depth and Type of Internal Modulation. Minimum modulation at 12:00. Cyclic modulation CCW from 12:00. Ergodic modulation CW from 12:00. Shimmer at Full CW.
  • Depth CV Attenuverter: bi-polar attenuator for Depth CV IN.
  • Depth CV Input: control signal input for Depth. Range +/- 5V.
  • Pre-Delay Panel Control: control for amount of Pre-Delay or Reverse time. Using internal clock, operates as uni-polar with a range of 7ms - 500ms. Using ext. clock operates as bi-polar w/divisors & multipliers of 1/12,1/8, 1/6, 1/4, 1/3, 1/2, 2/3, 1/1, 3/2, 2/1, 3/1, 4/1, 6/1, 8/1, 12/1 where 1/1 is at 12:00.
  • Pre-Delay CV Input: control signal input for Pre-Delay. Range +/- 5V.
  • Tilt Panel Control: bi-polar control for Tilt. Low Gain +12 dB to -12 dB, High Gain -24dB to + 24dB, unity at 12:00.
  • Tilt CV Attenuverter: bi-polar attenuator for Tilt CV Input.
  • Tilt CV Input: control signal input for Tilt. Range +/- 5V.
  • Absorb Panel Control: uni-polar control for Absorption. Full CCW = 0 diffusion, 0 damping; 10:00 = full diffusion, 0 damping; Full CW = full diffusion, full damping.
  • Absorb CV Input: control signal input for Absorption. Range +/- 5V.
  • Decay Panel Control: uni-polar control for Decay. 0 - 120% reflection gain. Infinity at Full CW.
  • Decay CV Attenuverter: bi-polar attenuator for Decay CV Input.
  • Decay CV Input: control signal input for Decay. Range +/- 5V.
  • Reverse LED: visual indication of Reverse. Lights when Reverse is engaged, flickers to indicate Reverse buffer length.
  • Reverse Gate Input: Reverses on Gate High. Momentary action. 1.5V trigger signal to operate.
  • Reverse Button: toggles Reverse on/off. In Reverse Pre-Delay (7a, 7b) determines Reverse buffer size. Using internal clock: 42ms - 500ms; using external clock: 0.1ms - 5.46s synchronized.
  • Tempo Input: allows synchronization of Echoes to multiple or division of an external Clock. While following external Tempo the Speed (5a, 5b, 5c) and Pre-Delay (7a, 7b) will be multiple or division of the incoming clock. Requires Clock/ Gate signal amplitude of at least 1.5V and width of at least 6ms.
  • CV Output LED: visual indication of the CV Output signal.
  • CV Output: control signal representing the average energy of the algorithm. Range 0V - 10V

Manufacturer: Make Noise
Warranty: See manufacturer website for details
SKU: I513147-N-0-B

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