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Make Noise STO Voltage Controlled Oscillator Module

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Create Subtle and Harmonic Analog Sounds with the Make Noise STO Voltage Controlled Oscillator Module

A compact Voltage Controlled Oscillator designed for generating SINE waves, Variable wave-SHAPEs, SUB-Octaves, Oscillator SYNC and Linear FM in the analog domain. The Sub-Timbral Oscillator is the more subtle and melodic friend to the DPO's complex harmonic lattice.

  • Triangle Core with outputs for SINE, SUB and Variable SHAPE
  • Unique Variable SHAPE circuit ripples Even and Odd harmonics for subtle timbral shifts
  • Linear FM input with Depth control
  • EXPOnential input for deep FM, SYNC sweeps or Transposition of sequences
  • SUB-Oscillator yields max bass
  • S-Gate input for gating or sync of SUB-Osc. Independent of other outputs
  • Hard SYNC circuit which combined with Linear FM and Variable SHAPE yields harmonically rich sounds
  • Pairs well with the MMG or Optomix

Panel Controls

  • Variable Shape Waveform Output: 10Vpp
  • Sub-Oscillator Output: 12Vpp
  • Sine Waveform Output: 10Vpp
  • Coarse Tune panel control: 9 octave range 8hz-4khz
  • 1V/Octave Scale Trimmer (Calibration Use Only)
  • Fine Tune panel control: +/-2.5 semi-tone range
  • Linear FM Level: Uni-polar attenuator for Linear FM input
  • Linear FM Input: AC coupled, 10V range
  • Variable Shape: Ripples Even and Odd harmonics. With nothing patched to Variable Shape CV Input, works as standard panel control. With Signal Patched to Variable Shape CV Input, works as an attenuator for that signal
  • Variable Shape CV Input: Direct Coupled uni-polar control signal input, range 0V to +8V
  • Expo Input: Exponential frequency control input. Bi-polar, 10V range
  • 1V/Octave Control Input: Bi-polar pitch control, optimal range +/-5V
  • S-Gate: Resets and turns Sub-Oscillator ON at Gate High, turns Off at Gate Low. Just about any signal that exceeds 1V work here
  • SYNC: Resets Oscillator Core. Just about any 10Vpp audio rate signal works here


  • Width: 8hp
  • Max Depth: 30mm
  • Power
    • @ +12V: 40mA
    • @ -12V: 30mA

Manufacturer: Make Noise
Model: STO
SKU: I513194-0-WHXX

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