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Rovner SpaceSheild For Woodwind Players

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Get Protection With The Playability You Need - SpaceShield by Rovner The Face Shield For Woodwind Musician & Flute Players

  • Offers a barrier against large droplets, making it a tool that can allow players the freedom to continue to play music in certain settings that may previously have felt impossible.
  • Features an aperture with dual flaps through which a sax, clarinet, or recorder mouthpiece can be smoothly inserted. This allows for a more natural approach to the player's mouth instead of tipping the head back, tipping the entire shield back and exposing the face, or attempting to approach the mouth from below the edge of the shield, which is not possible with some instruments.
  • Can be used in conjunction with a disposable mask that has been modified by the wearer to accept a mouthpiece if desired.
  • Uses high-quality 30-mil vinyl that is durable, flexible and long-lasting. Reusability reduces waste.
  • Shield offers excellent clarity and visual acuity for reading music
  • The non-elastic head strap is easily adjustable because one size does not fit all. Unlike elastic bands, this head strap can be eased for comfort if wearing for a prolonged period. Adjust the tension with just one hand.
  • Thicker, vented, comfort foam pads position the vinyl farther away from the face, reducing heat and fogging
  • Comfort foam pads are repositionable, creating a personalized fit
  • Wrap-around design can easily accommodate eyeglasses
  • Additional slits at side edges provide the option of adding your own elastic ear bands to further customize the fit
  • Cleanable with just mild soap and water
  • Comes with a storage bag
  • Produced by a company that cares about saving the arts and keeping live music...and the people who play and listen to it...alive and well. Not produced by doctors, or scientists.
  • This is not a medical grade shield and offers no guarantee of protection against spreading or contracting an illness. Use it as just one tool in a toolbox that also includes social distancing and frequent hand washing. Give each other a little space, man!
  • It's encouraged that you rely on advice from reputable medical and infectious disease experts in formulating your personal safety strategy. Your research will reveal that no simple shield or face mask is sufficient to offer 100% protection...but they can help. Wear at your own risk and discretion.

Manufacturer: Rovner Products
Warranty: See manufacturer website for details
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