Vic Firth SGRE Matt Greiner Signature Drum Sticks

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Play With The Feeling Of Metalcore Master Matt Greiner With The Vic Firth SGRE Matt Greiner Signature Drum Sticks

Medium diameter extended length and elongated taper. Dry-tumbled for a smooth and organic feel. No added finish!

Matt is best known as the drummer for the metalcore band, August Burns Red. In addition to power, precision, and speed, a great sense of groove is always present in Matt's playing, earning him accolades all over the world.

"I've enjoyed playing the Vic Firth 3A and other models that are similar in diameter for quite some time," says Matt. "Performing in August Burns Red requires the use of a wide range of dynamics within my playing. One portion of a song might warrant heavy-hitting, while the next part slows down with lots of ghost notes and soft strokes. So, when we set out to design my signature stick, I knew I wanted a similar thickness to the 3A, but with more length and better balance to address my musical needs."

The Matt Greiner signature stick features a medium diameter shaft with extended length and an elongated taper. A uniquely shaped wood tip provides great definition for intricate hi-hat & ride patterns while being bold enough to ride on the crash, china, or heavy bells.

"While in the design process, we were able to nail down the dimensions and create the exact balance that I was looking for," Matt continues. "Still, I was curious about the possibility of Vic Firth creating my stick without a lacquer finish. Playing drums in a rock band has been said to be synonymous with playing a 90-minute soccer match. In other words, we sweat a lot! And while sweating, holding onto the stick can be difficult. Any edge I can get to avoid a tension-filled grip is an advantage I'll take."

The Matt Greiner signature stick is finished off with a dry-tumble technique that creates a very smooth, natural, and organic feel without the use of a lacquer finish.

Matt goes on to say, "The absence of finish puts my stick in a league of its own in the Vic Firth world. There's definitely an improved grip, but it's not rough on the hands. I love that! I have spent 7 years with Vic Firth and consider them to be the Cadillac of drumsticks. I am both proud and honored to be given the opportunity to offer a drumstick that fits my personal playing style so well. It feels great and is versatile enough to excel across all genres!"


  • Diameter: .585"/1.49cm
  • Length: 16-7/16"/41.75cm
  • Long Taper
  • Material: Hickory
  • Surface Coating: None
  • Tip Type: Wood
  • Tip Shape: Taj Mahal
  • Surface Area: Multiple

Manufacturer: Vic Firth
Model: SGRE
Warranty: See manufacturer website for details
SKU: I305958-N-24
UPC: 750795018611