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Everything in Music Since 1958
BOSS Katana Gen 3 gets new amp type, smartphone app, and more!

BOSS Katana Gen 3 gets new amp type, smartphone app, and more!

Dana and Chris LOVE Katana... but what will they think about the new Gen 3 amps from BOSS? Head on over to the Chuck Levin's YouTube to find out! 

Introducing the BOSS Katana Gen 3 Amplifiers

Welcome to the future of guitar amplification with the BOSS Katana Gen 3 series. New for 2024, this latest evolution in the acclaimed Katana lineup continues the legacy of providing superior tone and performance for guitarists of all levels. With advanced features and sound enhancements, the Katana Gen 3 series is set to become a must-have for both stage and studio environments.

Innovation Meets Tradition

Building on the award-winning foundation of the previous Katana models, the Gen 3 series retains the essence of what players love while pushing the boundaries of innovation. At the heart of this series is the advanced Tube Logic design, which meticulously emulates classic tube amp circuitry at the component level. This technology recreates the tone and feel of vintage amplifiers with stunning detail, ensuring that every note you play resonates with the authenticity of a classic tube amp.

Enhanced Features for a New Generation

Improved Sound Quality

The core platform of the Katana Gen 3 delivers improved sound, feel, and response whether you’re playing live or recording. This ensures that your tone remains consistent and vibrant in any setting.

New "Pushed" Amp Type

In addition to the existing Brown, Lead, Crunch, Clean, and Acoustic amp types, the new Pushed amp type captures the gritty sparkle of a vintage tube amp pushed into natural breakup. This brings the total number of amp variations to twelve, offering a diverse sonic palette for every musical style.

Boss Tone Studio Enhancements

The BOSS Tone Studio editor has been upgraded for a more user-friendly experience. With a clearer effect chain, customizable icons, and a visual Air Feel interface, sculpting your perfect tone has never been easier. Tone Studio is also now available as an app on iOS and Android!! 

Exclusive Features for Premium Models

Bloom Voicing

Exclusive to the Katana Head, Artist, and Artist Head models, the Bloom voicing is a unique power amp stage enhancement. Engaging the Bloom switch activates a circuit that brings your sound to life with a sharp attack and dynamic low-end richness, characteristics often difficult to achieve simultaneously.

Tuned Cabinet Design

The premium Katana-50 EX and Katana Artist models feature specially tuned cabinet designs, enhancing cab resonance and providing wider sound dispersion. This results in a more immersive and impactful playing experience.

Modern Connectivity

Bluetooth Compatibility

Katana Gen 3 amplifiers come equipped with a rear connection for BOSS’s Bluetooth Audio MIDI Dual Adaptor (BT-DUAL), allowing for wireless audio streaming and editing via the BOSS Tone Studio app on both iOS and Android devices.

Stereo Phones Jack

Experience the full stereo image of your guitar sound and backing tracks through the stereo phones jack. This feature is perfect for both practicing and recording, ensuring that you capture every nuance of your performance.


With the Katana Gen 3 series, BOSS has once again set a new standard for guitar amplification. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or an aspiring musician, these amplifiers offer a virtually limitless sonic palette, inspiring you to explore new musical horizons. Visit Chuck Levin's to experience the Katana Gen 3 amplifiers and take your sound to the next level.

Shop BOSS at Chuck Levin's Washington Music Center!

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