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DiToro and Friends @ Pearl Street Warehouse! 2/8/24

DiToro and Friends @ Pearl Street Warehouse! 2/8/24

Chuck Levin's Concert Club Review 

Pearl Street Warehouse opened as a part of the DC Wharf revitalization in 2017. Its corrugated metal décor and moveable garage walls pay homage to the industrial history of the Wharf itself while also bringing in a new generation of arts and commerce. Smaller than neighboring venues like Union Stage and The Anthem, Pearl Street gives local artists the opportunity to be presented on a professional stage as well as providing national touring acts with a space to hold more intimate versions of their typical productions. We were treated to a few pop rock offerings of the Mid-Atlantic region at the recent DiToro show featuring Kinda Evil, Chasing Straights, and Greifcat. 

A Greifcat performance feels like an answer to the question, “What if Flight of the Conchords consisted of powerful female soul singers instead?” They are a comedy duo who disguise witty social commentary in incredibly catchy tunes where the only things sharper than their hooks are their matching outfits. Annie Nardolilli and Louisa Hall have no problem putting a crowd at ease with songs like “Cryptobro”, “Revolution (Poop at Work)”, and “I Already Took Off My Bra” while simultaneously wowing you with vocal harmonies and endearing stage presence. 

Hailing from Philadelphia, Chasing Straights represented all out-of-towners on this lineup and what an impression they made! Their performance was tight, energetic, and dynamic – indicative of a band leaning into their strengths with laser focus. Upbeat and intricate songs like “Come Along” and “Hate Day” brought the post-grunge rock vibes while the moodier “You Lose” felt like a standout ballad to us. Do not miss these guys when they come back to DC. 

It was a blast to see our old friends in Kinda Evil deliver another worthy performance. They sound like the little witchy baby of Jack White, Pat Benatar, and The Blacks Keys in all the right ways. While their raw rock energy and slinky blues grooves feel like a window into the heyday of retro bands like Jefferson Airplane and Janis Joplin, we also loved the slow western feel of their latest single “Makes Me Wonder.” Plus, there were red fringe cowboy boots onstage… Need we say more? 

Cathy DiToro is a treasured presence in the DC music scene – she fronts iconic decades bands The Legwarmers and So Fetch, advocates for women in music with her Project HERA non-profit, and is a regular supportive face at so many other artist’s concerts. Accordingly, it felt special for us to finally catch her solo band in the flesh! DiToro feels like an authentic extension of what we already know about Cathy. The pop, punk, and alternative influences of the 90s and early 2000s that she shares with collaborator Eric Taft come through clearly. They love guitars, harmonies, and rock music that you can’t help but dance to, even while tackling heavy subjects like in her newest release “Ceiling.” 

Gearwise, we saw plenty of tried-and-true classics alongside some fun custom pieces. From the headliners, Eric Taft played a one-off Telecaster Deluxe copy from MacMillan Guitars, Cathy DiToro had an Olympic white HSS Strat with modified Evertune bridge, and Mark Colegrove used a classy PRS Custom 22 in charcoal gray with highly flamed top.   

The Philly boys in Chasing Straights had a blonde Precision Bass with maple neck, a single-bound American Telecaster Ultra in natural, and a Gibson Explorer to round out the rock n’ roll trifecta. 

The brothers in Kinda Evil even did some instrument swapping! Guitarist Nolan rocked a Gretsch Junior Jet bass for one song while bassist Mason switched to the much-loved Squier Classic Vibe Jazzmaster in white and gold. 

Greifcat rocked a Seagall cutaway acoustic, Kala ukulele, and the most rhinestones we’ve ever seen on two pairs of sneakers. 

Amp variety was also well represented. We saw a seafoam green Fender Blues Junior, a two-toned Fender Hot Rod Deluxe IV, an Orange Dual Terror head, a Blackstar Venue, and a Budda Superdrive. 


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Review by Juliette Bell

Photo/Video by Emory Hensley

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